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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 30/01/2018

As a gamer, there are probably many who are no stranger to the name Nexx Studio. This is one of the leading game developers with blockbuster titles that do not need to invest too much in graphics but still bring great success. Recently, the manufacturer has continued to release their next product called Blocky Racing. The game was officially released on January 17th and is supported on both iOS and Android operating systems. This is a very simple but addictive racing game. Let’s explore this game with

Blocky Racing Apk v1.0.1 Mod Apk for Android/iOS

Blocky Racing 1

Blocky Racing – Horse Racing Games!

Come to Blocky Racing for Android; you will be driving the cars, competing with other cars on the track. Race with loads of obstacles and that you need to overcome. To achieve that, you need to be very clever. Also, you can use weapons such as missiles to attack other cars, preventing them from reaching the destination.

Blocky Racing 2

The racing cars are launching very fast; you need to pay attention to everything on the track, which also helps you to finish faster. Controlling the car is not too difficult, you just need to touch the sides of the screen to move cars in the direction you want.

Vehicle upgrade system

Blocky Racing 3

To win with the other racers, you need to buy newer cars. The speed of the new cars is very fast, helping you to win quickly. The racing cars are designed quite simply and are made up of small blocks. So, if you hit obstacles on the road, the car will crumble into small pieces. Currently, Blocky Racing for iOS has over 16 different vehicles for you to choose from.

Blocky Racing (by Nexx Studio) – Official Trailer

2.5D graphics

Blocky Racing 4

The gameplay is quite simple, so graphics are not too important elements of the game. The game is only designed with 2.5D graphics, but it still gives you a nice feel when you experience the race in the game.

General comment

Blocky Racing feature image

This is a fairly simple game, but it will make you very excited to participate. Currently, has provided you with links below to download games on both iOS and Android. Have fun!