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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 57 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/04/2018

Do you love first-person shooters? Are you looking for a new and unique shooter to entertain and play with your friends? Block Strike is a great choice for you. The game will bring you into the fiery battle with the Zombie. Join the other players, and you will overcome the difficult Deathmatch battles. Although the new release in a short time, the game has achieved some remarkable success. Let’s take a look at the fun of the game below!

block strike 4

Introduction to Block Strike

Block Strike APK Download is a mobile shooter. But what makes the game so attractive and new compared to other shooters is that it is designed in the style of Minecraft. Producers use 3D blocks to create characters, weapons, battlefields in the game. This will be a very enjoyable experience that you should not miss at the beginning of this year. You can play the game on Google Play.

block strike 3

How to play

Block Strike for Android is a great place for you to show your shooting skills. You will experience the most modern guns today. The weapons system of the game is very diverse, including a variety of guns from rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, … The game also gives you two modes of play is the team and singles. You will have to destroy all your enemies to win. Single mode is a good place to show off your talents because in this mode, all of you are your enemies and you have to destroy them all. Are you ready to become the number one Marker in the World?

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Control system

Block Strike for iOS is a very well-optimized control system, so you will quickly become familiar with the character controls. The controls are quite similar to the current shooter. You only need 3-5 minutes to get familiar with the control of your character.

Graphics and sound

The unique feature of Block Strike is the graphics of the game. The game is designed with 3D shapes combined and create beautiful and fun scenery. The manufacturer also skillfully added a few small details to make the game more attractive.

Block Strike – Zombie survival gameplay

Besides the graphics, the sound in the game is well appreciated by the players. Each type of sound of the weapon in the game is designed with the same sound in real life so that you will have the most authentic experience. The image of the gun is also made quite similar to the real-life guns, giving you the best experience.

block strike 1

Attractive point

Block Strike APK Mod Money also gives players a very interesting mode called Zombie Mode. This is a great game, and a lot of people love it. Also, in its next update, the manufacturer will also add modes such as Hunger Games, Bunny Hop, Surf, …

General comment

Block Strike Mod Gold is a shooter that you should not miss. Although the game is not as good graphics game on the market today, it is the attraction that makes the game attractive. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!