• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/02/2019

As a fan of Japanese anime and manga, you will care about Bleach. This is a very popular manga with a compelling storyline and impressive fighting images. You are ready to experience a completely new Bleach, join BLEACH Mobile 3D to enjoy unique challenges and fun entertainment. This game is developed based on many characters and content of Bleach, so you will quickly get acquainted with the game. Siamgame Mobile is now the official publisher of this game and please use the link at the end of the article to download the game quickly.

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Dangerous itinerary

Similar to the content of the manga, in BLEACH Mobile 3D for iOS you will discover the exciting adventures of the Reaper. Experience the role-playing style to get the most realistic images. The plot of the manga has been carefully used by the producers to create this unique game. Many unique combat missions and a variety of interesting equipment are waiting for you to explore. Experience the exciting journey of death with a sharp picture right on your device.

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Simple controls

You will participate in many crazy challenges and tasks with an easy-to-control virtual key system and a user-friendly interface. Discover many different locations in each mission, meet many other players around the world. Fun competition to find the most impressive god of death.

BLEACH Mobile 3D for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With an easy-to-use control system, players will control moving characters and avoid enemy attack skills with virtual keys on the left side of the device’s screen. On the right side of the device screen, you are provided with virtual keys to use your skills when fighting. You are allowed to use basic combat skills and some special combat skills with five different virtual keys. The next interesting point is above the virtual keys using combat skills. You are allowed to use two keys to summon new characters to help you fight. Touch these two virtual keys, and the support characters will appear, they will use special skills to attack your enemies.

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Characters and equipment

The characters of the game character are designed based on the manga to help you discover many familiar characters including Rukia Kuchiki, Uryu Ishida or Zaraki. The number of diverse characters also helps you create 13 different guard teams. These characters will be summoned simply and assist players in various combat missions. Feel free to design the teams according to personal preferences and easily change quickly.

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BLEACH Mobile 3D APK Mod also offers various equipment for players to collect and use when experiencing. This equipment will help your character improve various battle parameters. In addition to various tasks and events, you can collect a lot of powerful equipment. Use and upgrade the necessary equipment to help your character become stronger. Besides, there are many different items to use. Participate in many unique events to discover many new items of the game.


BLEACH Mobile 3D for Android has beautiful 3D graphics and a wide viewing angle with a 360-degree camera so you can easily control the character’s surrounding space. Carefully designed characters and monsters with lots of attractive details, colours are harmoniously coordinated in the whole space of the game. The varied and beautiful combat skills effect helps the battle become more interesting and addictive.

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The BLEACH manga has long ended, and it left a lot of good impressions on the reader. BLEACH Mobile 3D will satisfy fans of this manga and bring them a lively world of BLEACH right on their device.