• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 60 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/04/2018

Blade & Wings is a new game released recently but has achieved a lot of success in the market today. This is a promising mobile MMORPG. The game has quickly dominated on many charts of app stores. The game gives players a great experience with top graphics and engaging storylines. The game is a new breakthrough in the MMORPG genre. For a long time, players have been so used to fighting NPCs in the game. But with Blade & Wings, you will be one of the NPCs breaking your own seal. But the players around you are angry enemies. The game will bring you a very new and unique experience. Besides, with the graphics designed in anime style, I believe the game will be very successful in the future. Discover what’s fascinating about the game.

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How to play

Blade & Wings for iOS takes you into a chaotic world. You will have to destroy all of your enemies to get your hometown out of chaos and then build a new, beautiful, peaceful world. This is a very difficult journey and is waiting for you. Are you ready to overcome and bring peace to your country? Come into the game and find the answer now!

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Blade & Wings Fantasy 3D Anime MMO Action RPG for Android/iOS

Attractive features in the game

– Join Unlimited Adventures: You will be immersed in fierce battles and discover the mysteries of the storyline. Also, you need to fulfil the duties well against your enemies.
– 3D graphics: With the 3D world open in front of you, you will be extremely excited by the character in the game is designed in anime style is very cute and lovely. The graphics in the game is no worse than any PC game today. You will have a great experience in the game.

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– You can also tame the fierce, ugly beasts so that they become your pets. These are your key assistants in the battles.
– You also get involved in extremely vivid and intense PvP battles in real time. This is a great place to show off your strength to other players around the world. Team up with your friends to create strong, courageous guilds.

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– The costumes, gowns in the game are also designed very nicely and eye-catching. All details are designed very honestly and beautifully. There are many different types of apparel for you to choose according to your preferences.
– Besides, you can play games in any game, whenever you want because the game allows you to play offline.

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Blade & Wings for Android will probably become a boom ton this summer. The game will bring you new and exciting experience. Visit the link below to download the game. Have fun playing the game!