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  • Date Updated: 26/01/2018

According to the latest news, producer Snail Games announced not long ago, released the game Blade Reborn. Currently, Blade Reborn is available on both mobile platforms: iOS and Android. With 476 MB, this is an ARPG role-playing game inspired by the famous Jugulo game on PC.

Blade Reborn v4.0.3 Mod Apk latest for Android/iOS

download blade reborn for pc

Introducing Blade Reborn

download blade reborn for ios

Although not recently released, Blade Reborn has hit the thousands of downloads on both the Google Play and App Store charts. If you have played through Diablo, then you will be quite familiar with Blade Reborn. The game will bring you great moments of entertainment. The game has an extremely diverse character system with character classes such as witches, warriors, killers, and skill levels in up to 64 levels, allowing you to choose the right score. If you are a level game fan, you must play Blade Reborn for Android.

Familiar playing style

download blade reborn for android

Blade Reborn for iOS gives gamers a very simple gaming tool, including a virtual keyboard, along with a virtual globe that allows you to easily control character movement, attack, and use skills. With a large and varied number of monsters, you need to focus on destroying and collecting rewards like gold and equipment to upgrade your character.

Equipped with the game

download blade reborn

Also, Blade Reborn Mod Apk also allows you to create complex, powerful, extremely beautiful combo by swapping weapons with a few touches on the screen. All will give you the feeling of true, lively no less than the PC games. There are a lot of similarities between Diablo and Blade Reborn, but Blade Reborn still has its attraction to the Mystery System. Players can build their character with talented system and runes.

Blade Reborn Gameplay ACTION RPG Android/IOS

Game mode

There are many game modes for you to experience such as PvP, MOBA 25 25 and Boss World. Playing and passing the screen will help you find rare items.
Note: Blade Reborn on Android is just a beta version, so when the official version is released, every character in the beta will be deleted to reset from the beginning. This is a game worth trying for you in early 2018.

Graphics and sound

Bale Reborn delivers a stunning 3D look, using the most advanced European development technology. With sophisticated designs, character systems, a variety of interfaces and weapons, the game gives players an immersive experience. The more you battle in the game, the more you will be attracted to the game, because the battle is very attractive.

blade reborn

General comment

Download Blade Reborn is a familiar role-playing game for the ARPG, but with PVP you have a very special style that you should try. The game is available on both platforms: Android and iOS, so you can quickly download and experience on your phone. Have fun to play games and to support!