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With intense competition among many mobile game manufacturers today. Manufacturers must always bring new tasks and challenges to everyone. Besides, these products also have to own a high-quality image system to meet entertainment needs and make players satisfied. With these requirements, MMORPG is always the first choice of manufacturers. Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals is the product with the highest number of people and the most competitive. To explore this MMORPG, please use the sharing link at the end of the article.

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The war between kings

Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals for iOS was built in ancient Chinese context with many impressive architectural works. The game is designed with stories of wars for power between kings and gods. Besides, you also learn many powerful fighting powers of mysterious souls or immortal people. You will discover an exciting ancient world with a variety of stories and different lands. Choose a warrior of your own and constantly fight to strengthen yourself and possess powerful powers to dominate people.

Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals for Android/iOS

Character system

The first point that players are interested in an MMORPG game is the character system. Currently, Hoolai Game Ltd producer offers two types of characters: Swordman and Mage. In the future and the updated versions, they will have to add new character types for you to experience.

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These two types of characters are divided into two different fighting styles. In it, Swordman possesses melee weapons and attacks enemies from close range. In contrast, Mage possesses long-range combat skills and does not need to approach the enemy to fight. Each character is prepared with his combat skill system. And you can unlock new skills after leveling up the character.

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Tasks and items

With MMORPG, you must always receive and perform various tasks. The game will give you the task of fighting, transporting goods, surviving and a variety of other challenges. You can move to many beautiful lands, each with different NPCs and they will provide missions for you. Depending on the difficulty of each mission, you will receive separate rewards. Notice that the more complex the tasks, the more rewarded the rewards are.

In many missions, you have to deal with many monsters and dangerous BOSS. Therefore, you need to control the character wisely or perform group tasks. In each land, there are many mysterious dungeons for you to fight. Besides performing quests, you can explore these dungeons to collect new items and gain extra experience.

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Competition and PVP

Similar to other MMORPGs, Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals APK Mod is also prepared for a faction system for players to experience. You can freely communicate with other players and join factions according to your preferences. Besides, faction battles that take place under various events will give you many rewards and good benefits to upgrading characters. Joining the faction battlefield and enjoying the battle of PVP will not disappoint you.


Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals with good graphics system and many missions will make you love this game. You meet many new players, feel free to experience and share fun stories to relax. Enjoy this game with your friends for more fun.