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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 43 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/01/2019

BlackShot M: Gears is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) game that has attracted many players worldwide. This game was first released on the PC platform. And to serve everyone’s entertainment needs, Vertigo Games producer has released a new version on the mobile platform for everyone to experience. You can now experience the BETA version of this game with the link at the end of the article.

blackshot m gears 2

Impressive combat system

BlackShot M: Gears for iOS provides fierce battles with various quests and characters for players to experience. With an impressive FPS perspective, you will be provided with a simple but new and exciting control system. The virtual keys of the game are simply designed to provide flexible use for you and everyone. In particular, to help players with more flexible operations the manufacturer has prepared a system for editing virtual keys according to personal preferences. With this main editing system, you will create many different consoles and bring your fighting style.

blackshot m gears 1

With shooting content, in addition to the control system is a variety of diverse weapons to help you get unique shooting experience. The weapon system of the game is designed based on real-life guns. With these designs, players will have a more authentic experience. In particular, the types of guns designed with changed details bring out a more beautiful appearance. This promises to bring more exciting shooting experience. In addition to owning and using a variety of guns, you can upgrade your gun to gain accurate attack and boost damage.

Fight online

Similar to the PC version, you will be fighting with many other players around the world. You will be randomly arranged and fight with your teammates at various maps. Each map will provide different missions when fighting; you will have to coordinate well with the team members to complete the mission. Reasonable solidarity and support is the fastest way to complete the task and win. The opponent will attack you violently and continuously. So support your teammates and move wisely to destroy many opponents.

BlackShot M: Gears for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Realistic graphics

BlackShot M: Gears APK Mod has an attractive and realistic 3D graphics. With many different maps and wide combat space, you will experience many intense battles. Smooth motion next to a beautiful graphic helps you be more excited when fighting. With harmonious details and colors will help you fight confidently and have more chances to win.

blackshot m gears 3

Are you ready to fight?

Although it has a lot of success on the PC platform, BlackShot M: Gears on mobile is worth your experience. With familiar shooting style and intense battles, players will get many exciting experiences right on their device.