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The survival games are becoming the trend of game developers. At present, there are many games of survival genre are played such as PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival … These games have beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. However, they have been a while and can make the players bored. Do not worry, will introduce to you a new game Black Survival with lots of unique and interesting points.

Download Black Survival Apk Mod Gems for Android/iOS

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Download Black Survival is a brand new game released by Archibear on both Android and iOS. Although it was released on February 12, the game quickly attracted the attention of players. At present, the game has reached 5 million downloads and 41,000 reviews on the Google Play store. Let’s experience this extremely attractive game.

There are more new things

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Coming to the game, you will join and a fight to live in an extremely fierce struggle. If you’ve ever played PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival, it’s easy for you to accustom this game. However, the number of players involved in the game is minimal, and the battle happens quickly. You will be taken to a deserted and uninhabited island with nine other players. You have to find ways to become the last survivor.

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Besides, before starting the battle, you can choose the character according to your preferences. The game offers up to 30 different character classes, typically swordsmen, actors, doctors, police, hackers, chefs, students and so on. The maps of the game are designed widely so that players can freely search for items and engage in fierce battles. You will experience a large map with 22 different areas such as schools, hospitals, forests … and many of the areas you need to explore.

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To make the game more attractive, the map of the game will gradually narrow. You will have to put in place a proper move strategy to run to a safer place. If you are outs the safe area, you will lose blood and die. However, when the map is narrowed down, you have to face a lot of other players, move carefully to destroy the other players and become the last survivor.

Various weapons system

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The game not only have attractive gameplay but it also offers players a variety of different items to serve for survival such as medical equipment, backpacks, clothes. Along with that is a lot of weapons for you to fight like: firearm, bow, hammer … and many other things. There are a total of 7 types of weapons that you can choose, each of them has its own uses, and you need to accustom all.

Black Survival APK MOD Unlocked characters for Android/iOS

Simple graphics

Unlike other games of the same genre, Black Survival for Android has a very simple 2D graphic design. Developers have focused a lot on the gameplay and character systems. So, the graphics of the game will not make you disappointed.

However, what I’m not impressed much with is the poor and monotonous sound system. It makes players bland and is not realistic enough.


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With familiar gameplay and various character system, Black Survival for iOS will give you a more enjoyable experience. Hopefully, the next update of the game’s audio system will be improved more. We provide the link below for you to download and install games for the Android and iOS operating systems.