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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 53 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/02/2019

Are you a thrill lover and crazy challenges? Do you want to participate in obstacle racing challenges? All these interesting things will be in Bike Stunts Master. Timuz Games has created the most authentic obstacle racing challenge with impressively arranged obstacles to challenge the player’s perseverance and dexterity. Speed ​​up to overcome many challenges and avoid falling off the track to complete the challenge in the shortest time.

bike stunts master 1

Control fast and accurate

With the obstacle racing challenge, the manufacturer has prepared an easy-to-use virtual key system for everyone to experience. You will be using four different virtual keys, virtual keys are arranged on the left and right of the device’s screen. The arrangement of virtual keys in a scientific way on both sides of the device’s screen helps you perform more flexible and precise operations.

Unique obstacles

The obstacles of the game are arranged in a variety of different terrain. Obstacles will appear continuously on the way; you need to pay close attention to perform many accurate operations. To overcome obstacles quickly, players need to focus well to observe and perform reasonable controls. The game is built with a variety of interesting details such as planes, helicopters, containers and many other things.

Bike Stunts Master for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With a flat terrain, you can move at high speed to quickly overcome them. If you encounter complicated sections with many different details, players should control the speed appropriately to complete the challenge.

bike stunts master 3

Many levels and new vehicles

A series of levels with many endless obstacles waiting for you ahead. Each level is a unique challenge for you to overcome, many different obstacles in each level will bring a more interesting experience. Complete each level in the shortest time to help you get a bonus. The higher the level, the more bonuses. In-game bonuses will be used to upgrade and unlock various vehicles. Many vehicles with high speed and stability will help you easily complete many levels. Besides, in each level, there will appear unique bonus boxes. Pay close attention when moving and collect bonus boxes to get more bonuses.

Beautiful and realistic graphics

Bike Stunts Master for iOS has an attractive 3D graphics with realistic physics simulation system to help you get the most authentic experience. The manufacturer is very careful in building the experience space for you when the game is designed with a variety of different spaces and obstacles. This brings many attractive images for you to enjoy and focus on when you experience.

bike stunts master 4

A fascinating game

If you are familiar with obstacle racing challenges, you should not ignore Bike Stunts Master. The imaging system is very suitable for realistic gameplay and controls, creating a lot of excitement for players. Join the endless racing challenges and enjoy the thrilling action on the high-speed track.