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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 83 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Anyone who has ever been fishing, you probably know the game fishing. But the publisher of Lyto Mobi has released the game Big Fish King, which is very different from other games, the ecosystem principle in this game is very complex. Helps you to experience the game in a very real way. You will feel like you are fishing in a large lake with fishing rods, less bait and the fish will wait for your bait to bite. Now, life becomes more modern, less time-consuming. If one day, you are interested in fishing, sitting alone on the lake with cool beer bottles? I think the Big Fish King game will be the best answer for you.

Download Big Fish King V1.0.0 Apk Mod Latest for Android

Big Fish King 2

Big Fish King is a real-life simulator, with people who love fishing, this is a great game. The scene in the game is very real, giving a great experience when fishing. You can enjoy the moment from morning until evening. In your spare time grab your phone and enjoy the fishing moments. We can visit the most famous fishing spots in the world such as Korea, China, Japan…The game will let you experience fishing on the lake with all the countries in the world, I have tried to play and feel very real to each finger.

Big Fish King 3

When you step into the Big Fish King game, in front of you is a large map with famous lakes in the world. On the left-hand side of your screen are the game manual and the tasks that you are assigned. You can make friends with your friends, invite friends to go fishing together. While fishing, you can chat, chat with close friends. On your right hand is the store, treasure … please pick up the gift. What makes this game more attractive than other games is that they focus on every detail of the game. You can see the fish moving in every detail and in real life. Especially in this game, the scene will switch between the morning, afternoon, afternoon and evening, making the game come alive. When you join the game, you feel like fishing in the real world. What is more special is that you can see the real scenic spots in the world. It’s a great experience in the game when you’re free. In the Big Fish King game, you can customize your fishing rod. You can buy tools such as fishing hooks and fishing bait.

Big Fish King

There are more than 100 species of fish you can fish; you will have to try to conquer the 100 most famous fish in the world and much rare fish to sell gold and upgrade their fishing rod more beautiful. For those who fish rare species, it will certainly take a lot of time, for the big and rare fish, you should upgrade the fishing rod so you can fish rare species.

Big Fish King 5

Publisher Lyto Mobi has made the game Big Fish King Mod Apk becomes beautiful, from the scene to the wind, the scene in the game very real. The fish in the game is carefully choreographed by the publisher, to every detail that makes the fish more perfect. The fish bite into the hook, making the fishing rod move and swing in a very subtle way.

Game Big Fish King Video Teaser

Every time you work tired or stressed can play Big Fish King for iOS, the game will make your mind more comfortable. Currently, the Big Fish King game is available on Android mobile devices, you can download it on the Google Play app marketplace, for iOS, you’ll have to wait a bit longer on the App Store.