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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/07/2018

Games by genre Zombie always receive great attention from players. Players have always had new needs for Zombie games, and this is the motivation for developers to create new products to make players feel more fulfilled. In recent times, Gioco Studios publisher has launched a completely new zombie-killer game called Behind Zombie Lines. This is an FPS game with an extremely interesting plot; the game has received very high ratings from players after the market launch. We can believe that this game will be one of the most popular Zombie games in 2018. Before the game experience, read our review of this game.

behind zombie lines 1

The threat comes from Zombie

One day, the world of mankind began to appear a new disease, and the disease is extremely dangerous. People who suffer from this disease will get a quick and painful death. After that, the dead begin to transform into Zombie bloodthirsty and attack all the other creatures they encounter. Humans are spreading this disease quickly, and our world is on the brink of extinction. In this game, you will become a survivor and find a way to survive and escape this dangerous world.

behind zombie lines 2

Destroy the zombies

You will be a survivor in this game. The essential task you must think of is to live in a world filled with danger from bloodthirsty zombies. To survive, you will have to use your weapons and kill the zombies before they harm you. You will have to complete various missions based on the storyline that the game offers. After completing these missions, you will receive bonuses to purchase new weapons and make your survival journey.

Behind Zombie Lines for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In particular, the game has a very attractive PvP mode, and players will not be able to ignore this feature. You will participate in real-time battles with other players around the world to see who is the best killer of zombies. Many great challenges and rewards are waiting for you to discover in this fascinating mode.

behind zombie lines 4


Behind Zombie Lines APK Mod is designed with very realistic 3D graphics. The visual design of the game in dark colors will make players feel like they are involved in the apocalypse of mankind. Ragdoll and blood effects are also very realistic when you kill Zombies. The sound of the zombies is so intriguing that it brings the appeal of the battle in this game.

behind zombie lines 5


If you are a fan of famous Zombie movies like World War Z, you will not be able to miss Behind Zombie Lines. With unique gameplay and realistic visual design, the game will bring out the best zombie-killing experience for the player.