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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 53 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/10/2018

The most popular entertainment shooter is Beat The Dead. This is a very simple and fun zombie killing game. OneTonGamesL is the producer and publisher of this game, and you will be part of the most intense battles, destroy the zombie army and survive the longest.

beat the dead 1

Shooter content

The world was attacked by zombies, many were killed, and more zombies were found each day. You are a lucky survivor. The player has the task of destroying the zombies to survive; you must destroy the entire zombie to save the world. Enemies will surround and want to destroy you; you are not allowed to surrender because of your survival. Attack and destroy all enemies that threaten you, turn the fear into power and survive the end of the world.

beat the dead 2

Is a simple shooting game, so the game’s control system is easy to understand and use. You will quickly get acquainted and experience the game easily. Touch the screen of the device you are using to move the character, shoot the zombies as they approach you. The game is divided into several levels, from basic to advanced. Each level will have its quests to complete. Pass through each level in the game; you will receive bonuses and worthy gifts. Use bonuses to upgrade and own the best guns in the game. The store of the game has many different types of guns for you to collect: pistols, hunting rifles, assault rifles, flamethrowers and more.

beat the dead 3

Dangerous enemies

There are many different zombies in the game such as walkers, army zombies, zombie police and BOSS. Enemies are dangerous, with many different types that will make you have trouble fighting. Choose the right guns to kill the zombies properly. Read the in-game instructions to help quickly complete the quest and win the game. At the end of each level you will encounter BOSS, which is the most dangerous zombies, you need more time and reasonable moves to destroy them.

Beat The Dead for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful image

Beat The Dead for iOS has beautiful 3D graphics and unique compared to other shooting games. Moving and shooting in the game is very smooth and flexible. Pictures of the game are very well prepared with a variety of colors and different interfaces. The layout of the game is simple and interacts well with the user. The picture quality of the game is very good, and the visual effects of the game is a factor you should not overlook when playing the game.

beat the dead 4

Evaluation of self

Beat The Dead APK MOd will give you a fun and comfortable experience playing the game. The game combines two impressive elements: shooting and survival. You can experience the game anywhere. You will enjoy and love the game after the experience. Join the fastest game by downloading Beat The Dead link at the end of the article.