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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/01/2018

BBTAN is one of the popular games in the past, and maybe you all know it already. It’s just a simple shooting game, but the addictive nature of the game is undisputed, BBTAN deserves to be ranked in the hottest games in 2018. Following success BBTAN, the father of the game 111 % has launched the next child called BBTAN2 by 222%. If you are a fan of this game, you probably can not hide the joy, the excitement of hearing this. Following the success of BBTAN, BBTAN2 by 222% for Android brings a lot of exciting gameplay, and countless new features await players to explore. What do you think about BBTAN2 by 222%?

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BBTAN2 by 222% have what?

One thing is sure that BBTAN2 by 222% for iOS will follow the quintessence of the previous one “BBTAN by 111%” before. Break the bricks in front of your face by dropping and dragging the balls. On each brick there is a number, touching more balls on the brick, the number on it drops much until the brick disappears. But the hardest thing is to make the ball hit as many tiles as possible. It sounds simple but does not stop there, after each turn, each row of brick will lower. And the game will end when the brick touches the last floor.


The difference in these two versions is that in BBTAN by 111% you have to play endlessly to set a record and then break your record. But at BBTAN2 by 222% Apk Mod very different, there are monkeys trapped in cages, and your mission is to free them. The same thing is that each cage also carries a number, like the bricks. After freeing all the monkeys, you will be teleported to another level with more difficulty. Like Candy Crush Saga or Homescapes, you need to get through all the levels. With over 300 different levels, it takes you weeks to fully conquer the game. And one thing is for sure: the later stages of the game will require concentration, thoroughness to overcome.


In the game, you will receive items such as increasing the number of balls and many other supports. Difficulties, though long thought but not find the solution, do not hesitate, eat diamond immediately, sure it will help you a lot of it. So how to collect diamonds, simple, you just log on daily or see ads in the game. Great is not it?

Download BBTAN by 222%, there are countless different types of balls, you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes. Some fruits like watermelon, some are like earth … Not only that, Legendary has special skills that will surely surprise you. For example, a Legendary balloon when fired, it suddenly turned into another ball in the game. There are many other types of balls, let yourself learn the ball types. To own them, you can unlock them using the secret balloon system.

Like BBTAN, BBTAN2 also has a very nice 2D design and easy to play. Designed to be very reasonable, the game interface feels very exciting, creating a sense of fun for gamers. There is nothing more wonderful than watching the colourful shimmering balls hit the bricks. Not only the image, but the sound is also well invested, bringing great interaction with each situation in the game. Everything that makes BBTAN2 so addictive more

BBTAN2 by 222% Android/iOS Gameplay

Points deducted by BBTAN2 by 222%

Although the game is very good and attractive, one thing for me and a lot of people when playing the game very frustrating it is advertising from the publisher. So, I have advice for you is: turn off the connections like Wifi and 4G to make the game more smooth.


General comment

Download BBTAN2 by 222% v1.0.6 Mod Apk will receive a lot of praise from the players, thanks to bringing a lot of entertainment. The game will give you the most fun moments with relatives and friends. Download BBTAN2 by 222% for any experience!