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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 59 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/05/2018

You are familiar with the survival game “PUBG” style. Today, we will introduce you to a very new game called Battlelands Royale; this is a survival and shooting game with a top-down view. The game is released by Futureplay, with a new and unique gameplay style, which will appeal to players at first sight. Let’s find out about Battlelands Royale.

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How to play

Battlelands Royale Mod Money is quite similar in style to other survival games in PUBG style. But the game has many unique and interesting points, different from other survival games. This is a top-down view, where players will observe a large area on the map. They can easily see the enemy.

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At the start of the game, you will be dropped from a large plane with 24 other players; you can choose your fallen position on the map. Then, your task is to find modern weapons scattered on the map; you also need to look for other equipment such as bullets, bullets, bullets … You have to find Out the other players and destroy them, try to become the last survivor to win the game. The other players will also search and destroy you in any way, on the map of the game will have no place to hide for players.

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Battlelands Royale iOS / Android Gameplay

They will immediately have to collect weapons and fight; the game takes place very quickly, the safe areas will shrink in a short time to force players to slaughter each other quickly. The weapons system of the game is very diverse, such as miniguns, rifles, short guns, pistols, grenades … The weapon system of the game also brings a freshness to other survival games. Also, you can invite friends and others to form a group of four in Squad mode. You and your teammates have the task of destroying all other groups to win the game.

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Graphics and sound

Battlelands Royale for iOS is designed with fun, cartoon-style 3D graphics. The design of the surrounding environment is very clear, the character is very clear, and players will not be confused with the surroundings. The sound of the game is very good at the sound of different weapons in battle. Players will have a lot of fun experiences with the fun graphic design of the game.

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You are looking for a game of survival in a new style, Battlelands Royale for Android will be a very good choice for you. The gameplay is very simple, the gameplay is very fast and dramatic system weapons variety, and unique, graphic design and sound are very fun. The game is very entertaining and addictive; you can play the game all day without being bored. You can download the game using the link below the article; the game is under development and complete, you can contribute your comments to the developer so that the game can be the most complete in the official version.