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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 89 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/07/2018

In fiction films, we often see the familiar image of spaceships with tremendous power. These spaceships symbolized the power of civilizations outside the universe, and they were thoroughly exploited by filmmakers. If you are looking for a strategy game and an action game with the arrival of this great spaceship, Battle Star Arena is a game that will meet your needs. This game was released by producer Erepublik Labs, which is not well known to players but they bring us a very interesting and exciting strategy game.

battle star arena 2

Battle of the stars

In Battle Star Arena for Android, you will be a brilliant leader and commander of the mighty military. All you need to do is use your army and make wars with other civilizations to become the most powerful planet in the universe. The battles in this game have turn-based gameplay quite simple; your screen will be divided into three separate sections. You can summon your powerful spaceships into three parts of the screen so they can intercept enemies or destroy enemy bases. Your priority will be to destroy enemy bases to win the most quickly.

battle star arena 1

However, the enemy spaceships will also attack your base and cause massive damage. You will not be able to summon a spaceship for a certain period. Consequently, the player needs to consider between attacking and defending themselves in different strategies to win the enemy.

The spaceships are stronger

After completing the level of difficulty, you will have the opportunity to unlock new spaceships. Also, the trophies you collect during the battle will allow you to upgrade your current spaceship so that your troops become much stronger. You can upgrade your armour, weapons, engines … for your spaceship.

Battle Star Arena – 1v1 RTS space Offline Mode


Battle Star Arena Mod Gems owns the familiar Pixel-style 2D graphic design. All of the spaceships in the game are displayed on the screen of the device with bright colours and different shapes. Explosive effects in the game will make the player feel more impressed because it adds to the appeal of battles. The sound of different weapons is well described.

battle star arena 3

You can download the game here

Battle Star Arena is a strategy and action game with intriguing battles that will meet the needs of players. Besides, the various features along with various difficulty levels are also a great attraction of this game and they will not make the player feel bored. You can use the link at the bottom of the article to experience the game as quickly as possible.