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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 38 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman is a very interesting shooting simulation game. You will control your army as a stick to engage in gun battles with terrorist groups. The game was released by the famous yandagame publisher on March 20, 2018. Free application for devices with the Android operating system. There are currently a lot of players involved, and there are very positive reviews. Here is a detailed article on Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman for Android.

An interesting simulation game

battle simulator counter stickman 2

Battle Simulator: Counter-Stickman is a shooting game that brings a new dimension to the player. Join the game you will have a default amount of money, use the money to buy the character who rod to form an army. With his forces prepared and engaged in a gun battle with the terrorists. As a commander, you need to arrange the squad and make the right tactics to destroy all enemies in front of you. There will be many levels for you, be careful because the difficulty of the game will also increase by level.

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How to play

Join the game; you will be in a battlefield with many obstacles that can help you to hide. On the screen, there will be squares for you to put your soldiers on. At each level, you are given a sum of money to buy stickman. There will be many different kinds of stickman that you can choose from. Which soldiers are stronger, the higher the purchase price, so you need to calculate the purchase and arrange in reasonable positions to be able to win the enemy the easiest way.

battle simulator counter stickman 4

Interestingly in Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman Mod Money is at each level players will not know how many opponents, weak or strong. So, the game offers replay functionality so you can find the most accurate tactics while playing. The higher level, you will also receive larger amounts to buy soldiers. But do not be subjective, because the enemy will also increase and carry a lot bigger power. So to win this game requires players to be able to command and have the right tactics. Make the best choices for yourself to destroy all enemies.

Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman APK Mod Mod Money

After each level of play, you will receive an assessment of how well you have accomplished the fight, which is rated at one to three stars. Overcoming the levels and gaining full three stars is the goal of all players.

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Main features of the game

– Is an attractive simulation game
– 3D image
– There are different levels and modes
– Win with your stickman
– Tactics of diversity

Graphics and sound

Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman APK Mod is a fairly simple image game with two black and white colours. But stickman images are beautifully rendered 3D. In shooting games, the sound system is always very focused. Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman, too, possesses lively and attractive sounds. You will be involved in the gun battle with the echoes are very attractive from both sides.


Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman for iOS will surely bring you exciting moments in every battle. Join the game you will be showing your ability to calculate and tactics excellence. Currently, you can install free games on the Google Play. Here is a link to help you easily install the game.