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  • Date Updated: 02/02/2018

China is still famous for the long war between different dynasties. Outstanding is the Three Kingdoms War with many heroes; this is the most dismal moment in the history of China. Inspired by the fierce battles, Battle Kingdoms game was released, describing the history of the game in a very realistic way.

Download Battle Kingdoms Apk Mod for Android/iOS

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Download Battle Kingdoms was developed by Snail Games USA Inc. on the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available on the iOS operating system, players of this operating system may have to wait a little longer to experience. Snail Games USA has launched the game “Taichi Panda” and is highly rated by many players around the world. Thus, Battle Kingdoms Apk will be the next game promises to bring a fun experience for players.

battle kingdoms free

Coming to Battle Kingdoms for Android, you will be joined in and fierce battles like the Three Kingdoms, along with the emotional stories of the main characters. The combination of war and love created Battle Kingdoms new attraction.

Many unique features

Although it is a game of much fierce war, Battle Kingdoms for iOS have fun features. You can build a mighty kingdom for yourself and sustain it by creating descendants; this is a unique feature that very few games have. Not only that, after the end of intense matches, you can have fun and tease the girls in your kingdom. This feature suits the guys, the beautiful girls are waiting for you after every fight.

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The main task of the game is to participate in fierce battles, where you can use the skills to win. Each hero will have different fighting skills, and if you make good use of that skill in the battle, your army will win faster. However, the hero’s skills and combat style will be based on different attributes such as Thunder, Immobilize, Water, Slash, Healing, Fire, Support. After each battle, if you win you will receive a lot of gold to build the kingdom and summon more heroes. If you are lucky, you can summon powerful and well-known heroes.

Download Battle Kingdoms – Android/iOS Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Battle Kingdoms Mod Apk has a 2D design but still feels very real. This makes the game light and smooth on low profile devices. You can have complete peace of mind on your device without worrying about the device. Also, the game has more interesting details and images like the manga of Japan.


Battle Kingdoms Mod is a fascinating game, worth a try for the time being. With fighting style and fun features, I am sure you will not have to regret playing Battle Kingdoms. Also, when playing Battle Kingdoms you have the opportunity to learn more about the history of China, this will be an interesting experience that this game brings.

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Note: Battle Kingdoms is currently only available for download in some countries. Therefore, you may not find them on the Google Play. Thankfully, we have provided a link where you can download and install Battle Kingdoms for your Android phone quickly. Download and feel the difference game.