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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 24/12/2018

You are interested in games that have simple elements and can be easily experienced in every location, so you should not ignore the games produced by Crazy Labs. This is a manufacturer with many unique games that give users the comfort and fun to experience. Basket Wall is a new game released by Crazy Labs; this is a unique sports game with exciting challenges awaiting your discovery. Although recently released, this game is expected to make a big hit later this year.

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Simple but attractive

Basket Wall APK Mod has an easy-to-understand content with an intuitive control system. This is one of the factors that help the games of Crazy Labs get positive reviews from users. You will be able to participate in simple challenges but bring lots of fun. The game is based on basketball, a sport that many people care about. With Basket Wall for iOS, you will get an impressive basketball experience right on your device.

Basket Wall – Bounce Ball & Dunk Hoop


The game will give you a cannon; your task is to control the cannon and put many balls into the basket at the required positions. To help make the experience more appealing, the artillery will move up and down instead of fixed. To put the ball into the basket, you will need to watch carefully and touch the screen of the device to adjust the cannon to get the ball into the basket correctly. Correctly adjusting the cannon and putting lots of balls into the basket helps you create impressive scores and achievements. When participating in the challenge, you will have three times to throw the ball into the basket, if you complete three throws will help you get good scores and have the opportunity to participate in more challenging challenges. Conversely, if you do not complete the task after three throws, then you will fail and have to play again.

basket wall 2

Besides unique challenges, players will collect various types of balls. To bring more fun to the experience, the manufacturer has prepared many different types of balls with many beautiful styles. This will bring excitement when experiencing. Overcoming challenges and collecting various types of balls to use is a memorable experience. The balls are designed with beautiful colors along with many impressive decorative details; this will make you love the game more.

basket wall 3


Basket Wall for Android has a simple image system but still offers players the most enjoyable experience. Highlights in the imaging system are a variety of shades with colorful and beautifully decorated. Also, beautiful visual effects will appear when you make good three times throwing balls with impressive bursting colors.


Basket Wall is a simple entertainment game, but it will satisfy you with impressive gameplay and beautiful colors. With simple content, you can easily relax while on the move or have limited rest time. To be able to quickly experience the game, you should use the sharing link at the end of the article.