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  • Date Updated: 01/06/2018

Baseball is an extremely popular sport in countries like Japan and the United States; this sport is not so extensive in the world. Every year, the top baseball tournaments are attracting so many interests from sports enthusiasts around the world. BASEBALL 9 is a game for those who love baseball sports. The game was released by developer playus soft. Funny and dramatic matches are waiting for players to experience this game.

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Baseball and glory

At the start of BASEBALL 9 for iOS, the player controls a baseball club. You will help your club through major tournaments and become more famous. All you need to do is take control of your characters in the most appropriate way in the game to win. Therefore, players will need to train a lot of playing skills for each position.

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The game’s control system is very diverse. Each position in the player’s squad will have a distinct control. It is not too difficult for beginners to control a player who performs the correct moves. However, they will have to practice a lot to be able to score goals for each position separately.

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You can recruit new players

After winning the match, the player will receive the recruitment card. They can use these recruiting cards to buy recruits. New players with more skill and flexibility will help players win easily in the next match. Also, players can upgrade their existing players so that they become better instead of buying other players to save money.

Baseball9 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Variety of clothing system

Players can purchase new costumes and accessories for their players in the game. Players with different fashion styles in the game will make the players feel more excited and more fun. You can equip your players with gloves, goggles, clothing, and pants for a whole new experience.

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Graphic design fun

BASEBALL 9 APK Download possesses a fun cartoon style graphic design. The players on the field are shown in very detailed and sharp. The movement effects of characters when performing different movements are described very smoothly and honestly.

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If you are looking for a realistic and funky baseball game, BASEBALL 9 will be the right one for you. With a variety of realistic features and unique graphic design, players will have a great deal of fun playing the game. Can you become a top baseball player?