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  • Date Updated: 25/01/2018

At present, the market has a lot of mobile games have beautiful graphics and sharp. However, BarbarQ game goes against that; the game has a very impressive and innovative graphic design in pixel style. This is also what makes BarbarQ very hot at the moment, although only launched on January 23, 2018, the game has quickly received much positive feedback from users, BarbarQ has up to 10 million downloads in the first day of release. The Electronic Soul release has been very successful at launching BarbarQ on both Android and iOS. Find out about this hot BarbarQ game.

Download BarbarQ Mod Apk for Android/iOS



BarbarQ Mod Apk has a very top-down view, so you can easily see your character and everything around you without having to move too much. Come to the game; you will experience 3v3v3 mode, you and two other characters will set up a team and fight with the remaining teams. In each battle, your team will have to fight against six people from 2 enemy teams. In other fighting games, there are usually only two teams that will fight each other, but BarbarQ allows us to have three teams in one arena. This is a very special feature of this game; it gives players a more enjoyable experience.


The characters are also designed in Pixel style very cute, along with a variety of different gameplay you can experience such as Dark Adventure, ArbarQ Arena, AI. If you have an Internet connection, you can play online with friends and players around the world. However, if you play alone AI mode is always available, you can choose AI mode to practice more skills as well as get familiar with the arena.

Unique gameplay

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Coming to BarbarQ for Android, you will first have to find and eat the mushrooms to gain experience and power for your character. In the map will also appear different weapons. Luckily, you can find high-damage weapons such as guns and hammers. Take advantage of everything to earn a lot of items, then take advantage of the team. The weapons you pick will be the tools to help you win this battle.
Of course, being killed is inevitable. But do not be too worried, you will be resurrected soon after to continue with your teammates. Since this is a MOBA genre game, team play is very important; you have to coordinate and communicate to implement team tactics, which is very important in every game.


Each character in BarbarQ for iOS will have up to 5 skills to fight, each with different functions. There are skill sets to attack, but there are also skill sets for defence. This chooses tactics necessary for thinking. Please share the skill sets for all three members to win the battle fiercely.

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Also, the communication between team members is very important, BarbarQ Apk allows us to use the emoji to communicate more easily. This is an interesting thing that not every game has.

BarBarQ – Mod APK Easy Win Unlocked (gameplay)

Graphics bring a new feel

As mentioned above, BarbarQ Mod is designed with 2D graphics, in a very fun Pixel style, giving a unique experience to players. The effects and skills are designed to be clear and sharp, so you will not be confused when using the skill. Along with that, the audio system of the game also adds to the fun experience for gamers


Fun games should not be missed

Download BarbarQ v1.0.44 Mod Apk is a fighting game, but it is very entertaining. Character images and landscapes are very humorous. We have provided the link below for you to download for Android and iOS phone