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  • Platforms: Android 3.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 167 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/07/2018

If you are a fan of sports games, especially baseball, surely Ball’s Journey will make you happy. This is a game produced by the famous Voodoo publisher. Currently, Ball’s Journey is on sale in the App Store for the iOS operating system. Ball’s Journey is very similar to baseball sports; you will use your weapon then shoot out a ball as far as possible. The game is rated by the world’s players as fun, easy to play and addictive. Let learn more about Ball’s Journey in the article below.

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Ball’s Journey – An interesting game

Ball’s Journey for Android is a very special shooter. Voodoo Producer has greatly improved the gameplay, promising to bring a better experience to the players.
Joining the game, your task is to take the ball away as far as possible, so you need to use skills and agile reflexes. Shooting at medium altitude, the ball will go further. After each round, you will receive a corresponding amount.

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The game provides a control system that is a virtual keyboard on your mobile screen. The thing you need to do is to touch the ball and keep it until you want to shoot the ball. So, the game requires the players to have the skill and calculate the exact time to shoot. If you’re ready, install Ball’s Journey right now and experience it.

download balls journey for android

Graphics and sound of the game

Ball’s Journey for iOS owns a nice 2D graphic design. With a vivid and eye-catching interface, the game promises to bring the best gaming experience for you. The ball image is very realistic and beautiful. Besides, the sound system is gentle. The classical music produces the most comfortable relaxation for the players.

Ball’s Journey – Travel far, little ball!

Main features of the game

– Unlimited turns shooting balls
– Have a scoring system
– Bring the most relaxation
– Can play anytime
– Simple and eye-catching images

download balls journey for ios


Ball’s Journey by voodoo will bring you the most enjoyable experience. With simple gameplay and beautiful visuals, Ball’s Journey is highly installed. The game is suitable for everyone. Let install Ball’s Journey via the link below. Have a fun time!