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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/03/2019

Ball Smasher – A fascinating simulation challenge when participating in the task of producing unique balls. You will become a foreman, taking part in overseeing the operation of a series of balls of different colours and shapes. From a large size, each ball will move through many different machines to create smaller balls. If you need easy and simple challenges, this is the best game to experience. You will not need to perform many operations and still have attractive entertainment experiences.

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Simple task

In Ball Smasher for iOS, you will perform the task of creating small sized balls. From large balls, you must destroy them to create smaller balls to receive the bonus. The smaller the size, the more bonus you get. You only need to buy large-sized balls to do the job. Please monitor the production line to conduct the upgrading and development of production lines.

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Create your products

You will start the production task with the balls in red. Initially, the production of your product is quite slow. Therefore, you need to persistently monitor production and calculate the costs needed to expand production. In addition to the red balls, there are many different coloured balls to use. To use new coloured balls in the production line, you need to meet the requirements of the game. Each ball and colour will have different requirements. Be careful to be able to unlock many new colours and make a lot of profit

Ball Smasher – Factory simulator

Besides the task of unlocking new balls to raise income. You must also upgrade the production line to create smaller sized products. For the production line to work better, you can upgrade and equip new production tools. The items you need to change and upgrade include: Production, Speed ​​and Height. Upgrading these features will help production work faster and create good quality products. The more you upgrade, the more income you will earn. Build a smart upgrade plan to keep your production line stable and help you accumulate more bonuses.

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Simple graphics

Ball Smasher APK Mod has a simple graphic with the use of the science of different colours will help you not to be bored. The balls with many colours will make the game much more unique. Besides, upgrading the production line also helps you enjoy more new and more beautiful images. The movements of the machines in the game are smooth.

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Ball Smasher provides fun entertainment challenges for everyone and does not require you to perform many complicated controls while experiencing. The game also does not need the device to have an internet connection when experienced, and players can join the game at any time. Finally, it is very easy to install and does not take up many resources of the device (30 MB).