• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 116.4 MB
  • Date Updated: 30/06/2018

If you regularly follow our articles then surely know the game with simple gameplay and design. Such games are becoming a trend among current developers. In particular, Voodoo developers are constantly launching games that are simple and engaging. Before this, the publisher has launched many popular games around the world such as Helix Jump, Keep it alive!, Sky Rusher, Dune! and Baseball Boy!

ball blast 5

Recently, this publisher continues to launch a game called Ball Blast. Currently, the game is being released for free on iOS. Users of this operating system can quickly download the game through the App Store or access the link at the bottom of the article. However, the game is not yet available on the Android operating system. Hopefully, the publisher will release on Google Play soon.

ball blast 4

Shoot and move continuously

Just like the style of the Voodoo publisher, Ball Blast for Android has very simple and fun gameplay. Sure, you will enjoy this game. Coming to the game, your task is to control a moving gun to dodge the massive blocks. Of course, your guns will be fitted with wheels and can move extremely flexible, take advantage of the versatility of the gun to avoid blocks of massive rocks.

ball blast 3

At first, the stones will appear, and you can easily shoot them. However, the later the stones will be very large, and you will have to spend a lot of time to shoot them. Not only that, the big rocks will break into smaller rocks and you will have to continue to shoot them. However, you do not focus on throwing rocks, try to control the gun to avoid falling rocks.

ball blast 2

Fun games

It can be said that Ball Blast for iOS possesses a very interesting and fun game. With such gameplay, the game is very suitable for you to entertain after hours of work and stress. Not only that, the game has a capacity of 116.4 MB and can operate smoothly on most devices are available in the market.

Download Ball Blast for Android/iOS – Game Play | Voodoo

Note: Ball Blast by Voodoo is distributed completely free on the App Store. So, during the game experience, you will likely encounter some nasty ads. Fortunately, the game supports the player upgrading to the more advanced version for $ 2.99 and completely eliminating annoying ads.

ball blast 1

Are you ready?

If you are interested in these reviews, you can quickly download the iOS game under the link below. Currently, the game has not yet appeared on Google Play, users of the Android operating system will have to wait a little longer to experience. Hopefully, developers will soon be doing this for people to play around the world to experience. Have fun playing the game!