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  • Date Updated: 05/05/2018

Were you fed up with traditional PUBG games? Want to find a game with unique style in the new style? AXE.IO – Brutal Battleground will be a great choice for you; the game is released by the producer Crescent Moon Games. Players will be engaged in the Battle Royale extremely unique battle; players will be the ancient style warriors. The battles will be very dramatic and promise to bring players the best experience. Let’s find out about AXE.IO – Brutal Battleground for Android.

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At the start of AXE.IO for iOS, players will be engaged in a battle along with 49 other players around the globe. Instead of fighting with modern guns like in other popular survival games. Players will have to become an ancient warrior; they will have to pick up the axe on the ground and throw the opponent on the map of the game.

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This is a unique point and brings to the player the most exciting experience that no other game on the market today. You will have to move on the map and collect the gold coins and the axes. The gold coins will help your character level up and become stronger so that you can use more weapons. The axes will give the player the chance to knock down opponents on the map of the game.

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The game’s control system is very well optimized, so players will not have much time to master their characters. You control the direction of the character’s movement with the virtual key in the lower left corner of the screen; you control the character to do the axe by the virtual key in the lower right of the screen.

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AXE.IO by Crescent Moon Games iOS/Android Gameplay

Also, when your character reaches a higher level, you can use the shield and sword to attack other players more easily. When your character is killed, you can use diamonds to revive your character and continue to engage in battle.

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But the level of your character will be 1; you must try to avoid the axe of other players and collect the gold coins to increase the level of his character. You will have to become the last survivor to win the match. The game also has many other unique features waiting for players to explore.

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Fun 3D graphic design

AXE.IO – Brutal Battleground APK Download owns a fun cartoon style 3D design. Characters in the battle are designed to be fun and clear. The surroundings are very sharp, and players will have the best experience with this beautiful graphic design. The sound of the character in the fight when defeated is described very livelily and fun.

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If you want to find a new Battle Royale battle style you will not be able to skip the AXE.IO – Brutal Battleground game. With unique gameplay style, character system, weapons and features are diverse, fun 3D graphics design. You will have the most comfortable and fun moments when joining the game. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.