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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 46 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/11/2018

You are a lot of free time, and you want to find a game to optimize your time plan. Axe Champ released by ZPLAY Games will be a perfect choice for you. This is a very simple and entertaining game that will help you optimize your time budget. Besides, you will also get a lot of fun when joining this game. Right now, you can experience this game very easily through Googleplay and the App Store.

axe champ 1


Axe Champ APK Mod is an entertaining game, it will have very simple gameplay, and players will not take much time to participate in this game. On the screen of the device will show the circle objectives, you will have to use your ax to throw and destroy the target that the game offers. You will have to destroy all the targets displayed on the device’s screen to get through the difficulty level. To throw an ax, just touch the screen of the device. Of course, your ax will have a certain lag. You will have to perform the most accurate actions to destroy a target.

Axe Champ for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides, the game also gives players many new challenges in higher difficulty levels. The number of targets and their movement speed will increase, it will be difficult for you to destroy these targets easily. In addition to the designated goals, you will face unspecified goals. If you break these goals, you will fail immediately and play again. After completing the various challenges the game offers, you will receive bonuses corresponding to the level of the rating coming from the game. You can use the bonus you receive to unlock new weapons. The game has a variety of weapons to choose from, so you get a unique experience when you own new weapons.

axe champ 2

Beautiful design

Axe Champ for Android owns a nice and sharp 2D graphic design. The game has a very high image quality to give the player the best gaming experience. You can see all the targets displayed on the screen of the device, the motion effects of the objects are also displayed very smoothly. On the sound, the sound of the game is quite fun. It will make the player feel much happier, and the player will not be able to stop playing the game while enjoying the fun of it.

axe champ 3

Relieve stress easily

Axe Champ will be a perfect choice to optimize the time and release stress. This game will not disappoint you, you can experience it anytime with your mobile device. Moreover, you can compete with other players on the global rankings to show yourself as the best player. There are so many interesting things waiting for you to discover in this game, experience it now!