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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 24 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/03/2018

Sure, regular gamers will know about Rockstar Game’s stunning Grand Theft Auto game. This is a game with beautiful graphics and extremely attractive mission system, which is highly appreciated by gamers all over the world. However, because there is a nice graphics, this game is very powerful, and not all devices can play. Fortunately, Doodle Mobile has just released Auto Theft Gangsters, which is very similar to Grand Theft Auto, but has very lightweight and can work smoothly on low profile devices.

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Auto Theft Gangsters Apk Download was released on February 10th on the Android operating system with an extremely lightweight of only 25MB. Unfortunately, the game has yet to appear on the iOS operating system, players of the operating system will have to wait a bit longer to be able to experience this attractive game.

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Interesting story

Auto Theft Gangsters for Android will take you to a wealthy city with a lot of buildings, supercars … But behind the rich city is the underworld of criminal criminals. Illegal drugs and weapons. The city began to become chaotic after the battles of organized crime; police also began to act and destroy the infamous terrorists. You will not be immersed in a hero or cop to defend the city you will become one of the city’s most famous criminals and carry out criminal offences to become a tycoon. Restore the order of the city.

Style gameplay

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Just like with GTA, the game will allow you to move around comfortably around the city and start performing tasks. You can steal cars, moto … to move faster. Also, you can use heavy weapons to solve difficult tasks. Of course, the police will always be ready to arrest you, be careful otherwise you will be caught, and the game will end.

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The dancers will appear in turn after being completed a mission. There will be many hard tasks that you need to do a lot of times. The police and other gangs will be difficult to overcome. Use the weapon and power to destroy all the enemies you encounter along the way and complete the mission to return Liberty City to its former state.

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Although not as excellent as the GTA, the game still has a beautiful 3D design and very detailed. Street images, characters, vehicles, buildings are described in detail and true. The physical movement of the game is also very realistic; you will enjoy the game. Also, the map of the city is very broad; if you do not want to perform the task, then you can take a stroll around the city to see the beautiful girls on the coast of Liberty.


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Auto Theft Gangsters for iOS is a shortened version of the GTA but also adds a lot of new points to explore. Currently, the game is being officially distributed on Google Play with 5 million downloads and lots of positive reviews from players around the world. You can access the link to be able to quickly download and install games for Android. Be happy!