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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/09/2018

Space is a huge topic for manufacturers to exploit. Games that talk about the universe are always of interest to many players, who want to experience the feeling of being a supreme lord and dominating the universe. ASTROKINGS released by AN Games Co., Ltd will meet the needs of everyone. This is a tactical game; you will be engaged in fierce battles outside the vast universe to become the strongest. Many other powerful forces are hindering your journey; you can become a supreme lord?

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Imperium is a very large galaxy, this galaxy is ruled by a powerful king. After a devastating war with other galaxies, Imperium has become desolate, and humanity is in peril. However, some planets are still safe before the war, and the invaders cannot find these planets quickly. Man needs to create a new and stronger empire to defeat the evil invaders. Of course, humanity has attacked each other to fight for dominance, and a new war has taken place. Humans will face a lot of danger coming from space. Can you become a good leader and fight the invaders?

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The battle between the stars

In the Imperium galaxy, you will become a leader, and you will own a planet. Your planet has been hit hard by the devastating war between humans and strange creatures coming from outer space. You will have to build everything from scratch to protect humanity and against the cruel invaders. With your leadership, you will lead the people who exploit the rest of the planet. With a small number of resources, you can use them to build a new empire.

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New homes, military camps, and scientific works will be something you need to pay attention to at the moment. Building the necessary buildings will give you greater strength, and you can attack your enemies. You can earn more resources by invading the planet from other players. The battles in this game are very tactical; you will have to create a lot of new tactics to beat the other players easier. If you win, you will receive a lot of valuable resources and rewards. You can use the spoils that you collect to build your empire even more powerful.

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ASTROKINGS has beautiful 3D graphics. Players will be overwhelmed by the large-scale battles in outer space. They will enjoy the very attractive battle like in the famous movie fiction. With high image quality, every detail in the game is displayed very well. The sounds of the various weapons are very vividly simulated to create the most engaging battles.

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Overall, ASTROKINGS is a unique tactical game. Players will be shown their leadership in this game and have the best experience. A large battlefield, fascinating battles and a variety of feature systems are waiting for players to discover. You can experience the game through the links at the bottom of the article.