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  • Date Updated: 30/01/2018

Have you ever dreamed that Asian countries would dominate the world? However, countries around the world are aware of their territorial integrity, which no country can invade. Why? Because they have a lot of advantages regarding military, financial, position of the country… The only thing they lack is a talented commander, who will lead them to bring glory to the nation. Asia Empire 2027 is a game that will help you accomplish that. iGindis Games is the publisher of the game and has also gained a lot of success thanks to the Asia Empire 2027.

Asia Empire 2027 Apk v1.1.7 Mod Unlocked

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Tactical gameplay blends elements of politics

Download Asia Empire 2027 will help you understand what a real strategy game is. You will have to reincarnate into a great general, sitting thinking every hour to be able to give the best strategies, to win fast, reduce the damage to the military to a minimum. Besides, you will have a list of countries to fight. Each time you win, your reward will be very much like money, natural resources and military weapons. Also, the player is also very easy to familiarize with the game, when using the interface only three major buttons: start playing, continue playing and language. You can even change the parameters in the game to have the best experience.

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You will have to be a competent general to be able to lead the country to glory. Players need to think carefully about the best tactics, make their country stronger than ever, against all enemies and defeat them all. When winning, your name will be cheered and revered. The game has 50 states to choose from, each with different characteristics such as resources, climate, population and military. Choose a place that is most suitable for you to persevere in the development of the country, to achieve great success.

Build your country and conquer the whole of Asia

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Asia Empire 2027 for Android has many unique features for you to choose. Remember, you have to act smart, brave, plan to deceive the enemy and take advantage of our troops. In addition, thanks to sophisticated systems of espionage outside the country, you can buy advanced military equipment to prepare for major attacks and protect the national borders. Not only that, you also have to be on the alert in the country, put the spies in your country to inform you as much information as possible.

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Weapon systems in the game are also very diverse, such as mercenaries, armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft missiles, helicopters, fighters, submarines, drones and carriers. You have to think a lot about the unexpected situations that can happen in the battle to gain territory of the enemy.

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Graphics in game

Weapons in Asia Empire 2027 for iOS are very detailed. Weapons such as guns, missiles, warships, aircraft… are designed very similar to real life. Not only that, iGindis Games also focus a lot on learning different countries, to find their own gameplay, which gives players a great game time.

General assessment

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This is a new breath for the current gaming market, as the emergence of action and RPG games is rampant in the market. Only after three days of launch, Asia Empire achieved 50,000 downloads. Too great is not it? Together enjoy the battle and realize the dream of dominating the whole world.