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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: $3.99
  • File size: 12 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Join a life-long journey on a distant planet with Ashworld. The game is in the action and adventure genre, promising to give gamers a sense of 4-button gaming. Developer OrangePixel allows you to immerse yourself in character and fight endlessly to destroy enemies. Currently, the game has also appeared on both the Andoird and IOS operating systems and is loved by fans of classic games. Find out what OrangePixel has done with this game.

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Come to the game; you will be playing a man named Ash, your task is to rescue the people on a ruined and invaded planet. This place has many dangerous enemies, and mutant creatures are very scary, you will have to take him over the difficulties and challenges to rescue the planet. Join Ash to explore the dusty planet and to overcome these difficult challenges.



Ashworld for Android requires you to constantly move, destroy enemies and monsters by moving the navigation buttons on the phone screen. You will have to drive through many different types of terrains, facing many different types of enemies. You will always have to drive and shoot to destroy them. Destroy the base and weapon system of the enemy, if you lose too much blood then the game will end.


Ashworld Mod has a very top-down view, so you can easily see the characters and enemies to give you direction, allowing you to defend properly. You will act according to the plot of the game; there are many tasks you need to complete, just follow the storyline you can unlock the new game. On this challenging journey, you will meet a lot of other friends who are also fighting the horrible monster; they will help you a lot to perform the difficult tasks of the game.


The interesting thing about Ashworld is its weapon system, which will appear randomly on your journey. Try to kill the enemy and collect the weapons on the trip, this is the item we just picked up. The game also offers some powerful weapons in the shop, if you want to kill enemies quickly, then buy those weapons to complete the task faster.

Graphics and Sound


As mentioned above, the game is built in a classic style similar to the four-button game, so the graphics of the game is only designed 2D style Pixel. This is probably the strength of the game, making it a very lightweight and smooth operation on all devices. Along with the vivid sound and explosive effects that make you feel real, it will surprise you.

Gameplay Ashworld Apk Mod For Android


If you are a fan of classic action games with simple graphics and simple pixel style, you will not be able to miss this exciting game. With a simple and easy way to move, people who do not often play the game can get used to it very quickly. The game is being sold for $ 3.99 on both Android and iOS stores; you can download the game from the link below.