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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 78 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/11/2018

Tactical content and role-playing elements play a very important role as this is a very attractive and unique content. Games with this content are usually well-designed from graphics to the gameplay of the game. And Arena Stars: Rival Heroes is a new RPG and strategy game released. The game was produced by Tiny Titan Studios; the game has received a lot of positive reviews from users.

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The game has attractive content

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes APK Mod is a unique game that combines two exciting elements: role-playing and strategy. This is a multiplayer strategy game that is highly rated for having many outstanding features. Experience the game you will be comfortable controlling the character and summoning troops simply. Being the leader and direct commander of combat troops is unique and new content in the mobile game market. Defeat the randomly arranged opponents with you and collect the cards in the game to enhance your strength.

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Highlights of the game

This is an online game, so to experience your device needs to be connected to wifi or internet. The game has real-time strategy elements; you will challenge other players in real time. The game will give you a maximum duration of 90 seconds. In the time allowed by the game, you need to destroy the opponent or survive to win the game. You will receive a character and must collect the army through each card in the game. Each card will correspond to one type of soldier. Accumulate multiple cards and upgrade them to make your army stronger. In particular, upgrading your army will help upgrade your character.

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes – 1v1 Strategy Action!

In battle you will be allowed to freely control the character and summon troops to attack enemies, the game will randomly arrange the cards to summon your army. Protect your character and your base from enemy attacks. Recruited and summoned the right kind of soldiers to defend the base and attack the enemy in the best way. Destroy three enemy characters or destroy their base to win the game. Complete the matches to collect more cards and receive high rewards.

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The picture quality is sharp and beautiful

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes for iOS has beautiful 3D graphics along with the sharp movement that makes the battle in the game more intense. The game is designed with a unique animation style with many new details. Image effects in combat are built rich and match the gameplay of the game. All the details and visual design of the game are very lively and powerful, promising to bring a lot of fun experience for everyone.

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You will love this game

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes is well-built in many details such as graphics, images, and motion so people will be happy with this game. The game allows you to connect with more people through the community or Guild to make the game more diverse and dynamic. Show your tactical and mental abilities through intense battles to assert your worth and talent.