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Download Arena of Valor APK also known as Kings of Glory or Strike of Kings is a MOBA genre game, officially released and supported on both Android and iOS by Tencent.

Arena of Valor APK Mod Damage/Radar

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History of development

Originally, Arena of Valor Mod was developed by Timi Studio Group, then released by Tencent and now has been shipped to countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. In November 2016, the game was officially launched in Vietnam under the name of Mobile Alliance.

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Arena of Valor ‘s gameplay is quite similar to the League of Legends. You will engage in 5v5 battles, each member of each team will choose the general to suit each battle position. The map is a huge jungle, the task of each team is to try to break the base of the opposing team and defend their base. The team win is the team destroyed the main base of the enemy. Sometimes, the match may end sooner if either team surrender.

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Arena of Valor for Android requires good personal skills, as well as teamwork between team members to create effective tactics. Arena of Valor for iOS has many different modes to help you choose freely such as 5v5, 3v3, Hook Wars, Survival, training with AI and challenge friends mode. The most popular mode is 5v5. In this mode, the map is divided into 3 main lines for teams to divide combat positions such as King Kong Road, Dragon Road, Middle Road. In particular, there will be little forests with monster fields; you destroy them to gain experience level and gold to buy items.

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Hero system

Arena of Valor Mod Radar has a lot of heroes and is updated with new additions, divided into six classes.
– Marksmen: Great damage, but the blood is quite modest, can fight from afar.
– Assassin: High damage with manoeuvrability, but has very little blood, is suitable for the forest.
– Warriors: Average amount of health and damage, usually solo on King Kong.
– Support: able to support other teammates in combat
– Tank: Extremely high HP, armour and magic resistance, is suitable for protecting Marksmen.
– Mage: Usually in the middle, poor manoeuvrability and low blood, but possessed extremely skilful in combat.

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Besides the common mode, you can improve your level in ranking mode. Every win, you increase one star and vice versa if you fail. Starting with Bronze V -> Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The highest ranked players will become the Challenger. The player’s rank will be finalized at the end of each season. You will receive rewards corresponding to your rank: new hero, gold, costume.

Download Arena of Valor APK Mod for Android

Beautiful design

Arena of Valor Mod Damage is like a miniature LOL version. The game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and 3 levels of quality for players depending on your phone configuration. The control system is scientifically designed with the navigation bar (scroll) in the lower left corner, and the right is the skill keys. The top left corner of the map display map and other information are in the upper right corner.

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The game owns a huge collection of giants and skill sets. Besides, you can buy costumes for your favourite generals that help change his appearance and visual skills. Arena of Valor is constantly updated to give players the excellent experience. Are you ready to fight on your mobile phone? Download Arena of Valor and experience it!