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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

If you are archery enthusiast then definitely cannot ignore the game Archery: Shoot Arrows extremely attractive. In the current mobile game market, there are plenty of simulated arcade games. In particular, the famous games such as Bowmasters, Twisty Arrow, Archery King and 99 Arrows. These are very attractive games and are appreciated by many players around the world. However, these games have been released for a long time and can make many players feel bored. Join the game Archery: Shoot Arrows.

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Archery: Shoot Arrows for Android was released by XUXU MIMI on April 5th on the Android operating system. Shortly after the launch, the game has quickly received a lot of attention from players around the world receiving a lot of positive reviews. Specifically, in just 10 days of launching the game has quickly received 100K downloads and lots of reviews on Google Play. So let’s find out more about this new game.

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Like the name of the game, you will be shooting arrows to hit the target of that way a distance. If you have ever played Angry Birds, then it is very easy to get used to this game. With Angry Birds, you will have to shoot the bird away and destroy the targets to complete the mission.

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However, with Archery: Shoot Arrows you will have to shoot arrows to hit the target. No need to shoot arrows too far, you will have to adjust the angle and the force to make a reasonable score high. If the arrow hit the target you will score points, the score will depend on the position you hit. The target will be divided into different parts, each corresponding to a certain number of points is 20, 30, 40 and 50. Of course, 50 is the highest point and also very difficult to achieve.

Archery: Shoot Arrows APK Download for Android/iOS

In the first shot, you will be very difficult to hit the target and achieve high scores. However, once you get used to the bow you will easily score highs and create new records. Also, at each turn, you will be given certain arrows. The game will end when you have fired all the arrows. Try to score as many points and become technocrats.

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Simple graphic design

Archery: Shoot Arrows for iOS has a graphic design just enough to give the player a fun experience. Although there is not a nice 3D design and sharp but the game also very realistic description of the physical effects of the arrows. This makes the game more authentic and appealing. Sure, the graphic design of the game will not disappoint you.


In general, with a fascinating simulation and graphical design, the game is well worth the experience. We have provided a link below for you to download and experience the game for Android. Have fun playing the game!