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  • Platforms: Android iOS
  • Price: $8
  • File size: 2.1 GB
  • Date Updated: 11/03/2018

You are a person who loves dangerous action games and possesses special weapons with ancient warriors. You want a game where you’ll have to face strange creatures, maybe extraterrestrial beings. Animus – Stand Alone is a game for you, as the heroes fight the strange creatures in a harsh desert. This game is the next version of Ire-Blood Memory and promises to satisfy your desires.

Animus – Stand Alone APK Mod Gems

Animus Stand Alone

Are you a mighty warrior?

Animus – Stand Alone for Android is simply a game of action and all you have to show is fighting with other opponents. The battle can happen anytime and anywhere. When the strange creatures suddenly appear and attack you, they will find ways to kill you. At times, you can only confront a monster, but there are times when you face a lot of strange creatures. Each creature has its characteristics and skills. Therefore, while encountering these strange creatures, you will have to use your skills wisely to defeat them the fastest. Your skills are the control buttons on the left side of the screen; the game will have no time limit for battles, so you need to watch your enemies carefully and set up tactics to attack the most effective.

Animus Stand Alone 2

Features of Animus – Stand Alone

Animus – Stand Alone for iOS has a lot of features to let you use. There will be five levels of difficulty for you to fight and after each battle, your combat abilities will be evaluated by three different levels such as Dawn, Midday and Dusk. The map is divided into four areas and up to 11 bosses. When defeating the boss, players will receive valuable items and weapons. There are many other features such as combat information or some enemies … These updates will provide new bosses and new weapons, which will always create new when playing the Animus – Stand Alone.

Animus Stand Alone 3

Animus – Stand Alone: First 24 Minutes Of Gameplay

Graphics System of Animus – Stand Alone

The game has a pretty large capacity when you download, amount of data up to 1GB. If your device has less free memory, then you should optimize your system and data before downloading this game. The graphics of the game are very beautiful and subtle, your character and the monsters or surroundings are created very clear and sharp. There will be very few games on the phone invested in image quality like Animus – Stand Alone Mod Gems. The sound in the game is very lively and true, you will feel like in a real fight.


You can download Animus – Stand Alone here

Animus – Stand Alone APK Mod is a great game, designed with meticulous graphics and sound. With many features and a large map, the number of monsters and challenges for the player is also numerous and is constantly updated. Therefore, you are passionate about the bloody cuts and fighting with the strange monsters should not be ignored Animus – Stand Alone. You can download the game from the article.