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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 21/02/2019

Do you love the fascinating strategic challenges? Do you want to compete with many other players to improve your skills? Amazing Wizards with immersive style and strategic element will make you satisfied with many fascinating challenges ahead. The game possesses a beautiful 3D graphics and simple control system, so you can enjoy a lot of fun without having to perform complicated tasks.

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Attractive control system

Amazing Wizards for iOS is a unique game designed with an auto battle system, and you only need to observe the match. With the automatic control system, you do not need to manipulate, and the character will automatically fight monsters. You can simply join various missions and daily challenges with the game’s auto system. Complete missions and get valuable rewards without performing complicated operations.

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Diverse characters and battlefields

The game is designed with a lot of different characters; you have the task of building a strong fighting squad with many characters. You can summon various characters after completing the game’s requirements. Each character is designed with its strength and combat skills system. Participating in many battle missions will help you get more experience points to upgrade characters. Your character will be able to fight better after each upgrade. Besides, you must equip many different items for the character. A unique range of equipment is waiting for you to collect and experience with many different features.

Amazing Wizards – Interesting Strategy Card Game

To create exciting challenges for players, DickHero producer has designed many missions and battlefields for you to experience. You can explore many intense battles with other players in the arena of the game. Participate in side quests with a large number of enemies or experience a training tower to improve your character’s fighting skills.

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Arrange squad and guild

In each battle, you need to arrange a battle formation in a logical way to defeat the enemy. The game has prepared four different types of the battle squad for you to use. These formations have their advantages, so you should choose the characters scientifically to match each battle squad. Identify good battle formation and choose the right character to help you defeat all enemies.

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Amazing Wizards APK Mod also brings more fun for you when players are allowed to participate in the guild. Participating in the guild helps you get many different benefits. As a member of the guild, you will be friends with many players around the world and share many fun stories while experiencing.


Amazing Wizards for Android has an impressive 3D graphics along with the stable movement of the character when fighting. The manufacturer has created an impressive interface with many different items for players to explore. The effects of beautiful combat skills with many different weapons will make the battle more attractive. Characters are designed with a variety of different shapes and prepared with many beautiful costumes.

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Amazing Wizards will be the unique strategy game in 2019 with many outstanding features. You can explore it using the links at the bottom of the article.