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If you love adventure sports, then Alto’s Odyssey is probably the right choice. This game is still under trial and has not been officially announced. According to developer Eli Cymet, the game will be released around August 2017, but due to some issues, as well as want to increase the experience for players so the game has delayed the launch time. As far as we know: this game will soon be completed and launched in early 2018, hoping the game will create a fever in the mobile game arena.

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Download Alto’s Odyssey Mod Apk for Android/iOS

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With other snowboarding games, you will experience a very cold and snow-covered environment, but with Game Alto’s Odyssey for Android the opposite, the game wants to give players a whole new experience. Still slipping and tumbling, but in a desert filled with sand and wind, along with the familiar cactus of dry land.


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Alto’s Odyssey Apk Mod gameplay is quite similar to previous skiing games, still controls an acrobatic character, overcomes the obstacles along the way and tries to collect as much money as possible. The special feature of the game is that the space on a wilderness skateboarding is indeed a very new idea. Your character is wearing a winter suit and towel to keep warm but skateboard in a hot summer space. One more exciting thing, the most anticipated game is that you will find lots of balloons along the way, which can also be a hindrance along the way. Fortunately, they are quite low and are connected by several strings so you will not be too hard to overcome them.

Graphics and Sound

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Not too colourful, the graphics of the game just enough to make the player feel amused. It merely depicts the desert, along with two different weather (morning and evening). For me, such simple graphics games have a huge attraction, which makes me feel secure about the game’s size and the gameplay experience. According to the promotional video that developers provide, we can see that the game has a lot of different scenes, so players can experience better and make the game is new and not boring. The sound of the game is quite light and thick, feeling like you are playing the game about the mystical ninja. It’s so gentle that it gives the player a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Alto’s Odyssey – Teaser Trailer


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Unfortunately, if this game continues to be delayed, passionate gaming enthusiasts around the world are eager to experience these exciting new games. However, at present, it is still too early to evaluate in more detail about this game, because we know about the game only through a video advertising the developer. So wait patiently for some more time to ski in the desert. You can also watch the game on the link below to be one of the latest game players.