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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 28/01/2019

What will you do to survive the most complex conditions? Are you willing to fight to survive or accept painful death? All the answers you get are in Alien War: The Last Day – an exciting survival role-playing game. This game provides a post-apocalyptic world context, and the world is invaded by aliens, people face various dangers and threats. In this situation, you must constantly fight to find survivors. Destroy the threats to your life and everyone. Discover weapons, vehicles and many interesting maps.

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War and survival

Alien War: The Last Day for iOS is a story about the demise of humanity and the reproduction of different monsters. After invading the earth, aliens have settled on the planet of humanity. This settlement produces many dangerous creatures with horrifying shapes. They threaten the safety of the last survivors of humanity. You must fight many monsters to protect people and create safe settlements for humanity.

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Producers bring a real survival challenge when players face many dangers. You must fight to earn a lot of bonuses and experience points. Bonuses and experience points will help you unlock and use a variety of weapons or vehicles. You will fight against the monsters along with your loyal dog. Fight against the invasion of enemies and secure the future for humanity.

alien war the last day 3

The player receives a control system with various virtual keys to control the character and use weapons. To the left of the device’s screen is designed with virtual keys to move and run. To the right of the device’s screen is a virtual key to use weapons and other virtual keys. To help you get a vivid experience and wide viewing angle, the manufacturer used a third perspective for this game. With this perspective, you can fight better and easily control the surrounding space.

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The system of supporting products

Because you have to fight many dangerous enemies, Alien War: The Last Day APK Mod has prepared a variety of different items for you to use. Players will experience a variety of different weapons and armor. In particular, your loyal dog is also equipped with armor to receive the best protection. Accumulate lots of bonuses to equip armor and unlock many powerful weapons. With a wide battle map, you have the opportunity to collect a variety of impressive cars. Unlock and use powerful cars to move quickly to the desired location. Discover many intense images of a ruined city when driving vehicles.

Alien War: The Last Day for Android/iOS- Gameplay


Alien War: The Last Day is the most honest and immersive experience. With 2D graphics and lively world of the post-apocalyptic world, you will love this game. Many large tasks and maps create comfort; players can explore different locations and get a whole new experience. You can use the link at the bottom of the article to experience the game now.