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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/03/2018

The Korean mobile gaming market is always very popular with MMORPGs with a super nice graphics. AIIA: Dragon Ark is also a game like that, with a nice 3D graphics and engaging, cutting-edge gameplay, this game is becoming extremely popular in Korea. Understanding that, the publisher CLGamez has launched the game AIIA: Dragon Ark for Android international version of the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the game has not yet been distributed on iOS, but players of the operating system will have to wait a little longer to experience.

AIIA: Dragon Ark APK Mod Money

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AIIA: Dragon Ark Mod Money was released in August 2017 in Korea. At that time, the game has created a fever on the head of mobile games in Korea. Many gamers all over the world love this game and want to be able to experience the international version. Now players around the world can freely download and play this game on Android. If you want to download a game, please visit the link at the bottom of the article.

Interesting gameplay

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Just like other MMORPGs, you still have the experience of fierce fighting and tight assault. If you have played blockbuster games such as H.I.T and Devilian, then surely it is easy to familiarize yourself with this game.

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Come to AIIA: Dragon Ark for iOS, you will be involved in the extremely attractive mode as PvE, PvP, 1v1, GvG. Each mode has different tactics and combat modes. If you make good use of the strengths of the characters in each mode, you will be very easy to win. Players can perform quests based on the game’s available storyline or participate in extremely fierce and bloody battles. I recommend that you perform the task of the game to quickly level up and upgrade your character game up powerful. Then, join the battle to show the strength of the character.

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Also, the game offers a very new mode called Arma. In this mode, you will get great support from pets. The pet has a lot of powerful fighting skills. They will help you a lot in battles; if you use them at the right time, you will easily get the advantage and win.

Diverse character system

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Download AIIA: Dragon Ark APK offers players many different character classes. You can freely choose characters like Warrior, Sorceress …, each character has different skills and uses. So, you have to consider carefully before choosing your character. Also, after reaching a high level, you will be unlocking a lot more characters to aid in the combat process. Make good use of these characters as they have strong skills.

Download AIIA: Dragon Ark MOD APK for Android

Top Graphics

It can be said, graphic design is the strength of this game. The game is designed 3D graphics extremely beautiful and sharp developed from the platform Unreal Engine 4; this is also the background graphics development of many popular games such as Final Fantasy XI Reboot, Blade 2, ICARUS Mobile … The character images, combat effects, combo are described extremely detailed and true. So, you can rest assured about the graphic design of this game.

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With familiar gameplay and great graphic design, the game will not disappoint. Currently, the game has been officially distributed on the Android operating system, you can access the link below to be able to download and install the game. Have fun playing the game!