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For those who love real-time strategy challenges on mobile platforms, combat environments like the ground and the sea are all very familiar. These are the two basic combat environments of strategy games. However, these two environments have created many different limitations, such as narrow combat range or unsightly fighting image.

aeon wars galactic conquest 2

If you want to enjoy the epic battles along with the vast map battle systems, you should explore strategy games with a space-based combat environment. With a space-based combat environment, Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest is the right choice for you to explore and enjoy beautiful battles.

aeon wars galactic conquest 3


Not only brings impressive space battles, Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest APK Mod also has an interesting story system for people to explore. After centuries of living and growing on Earth, humans decided to look for a new planet in and out of the solar system to live. A federation of nations on Earth has been formed, and it is called Terran Federation. After the creation of the federation, an expeditionary fleet was formed, and the mission of this fleet was to find life on the new planet. This fleet is called Icarus Corps.

Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest – Space War Strategy Game

In the process of searching for the new planet, Icarus Corps has found great life and resources to develop in Sagan cluster. From the wealth of resources and the wonderful habitat of Sagan cluster, Icarus Corps has decided to betray Terran Federation and use that huge resource for itself. After learning of the betrayal of Icarus Army, Terran Federation decided to build a new expedition fleet and determined to destroy the traitors. From there, a cosmic war broke out, and you have the opportunity to build your expedition fleet to participate in this survival war.

The battle is fierce

Similar to other games with the same content, Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest requires players to build an army of their own to fight with other competitors. However, instead of using a fixed base on the planet, players will build and develop a space station of their own. From this space station, you will have to build different types of warships to conquer the planet of Sagan cluster to exploit resources and develop.

aeon wars galactic conquest 4

In this fiercely competitive universe, you will have to constantly fight different enemies to exploit resources and develop your space station. Try to fight and collect lots of resources to upgrade the space station. Successful upgrade of the space station allows you to unlock and build various types of warships. From there, you can create a powerful military force of your own to conquer the universe.

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With a vast space-based combat environment, you need to join or create your alliance. Participating in the alliance will make it easier for you to exploit the vast resources in the universe. Besides, you will get more allies, and you get a more stable development opportunity.