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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/04/2019

Strategic challenges and team battles always bring a lot of unique experiences to everyone. The games possess two elements above are always interested and discovered. If you love these two challenges, learn and experience Action Heroes: Apocalypse. You will discover unique gameplay and epic battles with a variety of interesting characters. This is an attractive strategy game and receives a lot of good comments from users at present.

action heroes apocalypse 4

Fight off aliens

Earth is being invaded and waged war with aliens. Many countries and major cities of the world are being controlled by aliens. And you have the task of building a special warrior group to retake the big cities and chase the aliens. In the upcoming intense battle, you will meet many new characters and be able to recruit them into your battle team. Frantic battles and quests are waiting for you to overcome, create an army of your own and make the enemy terrified.

action heroes apocalypse 4

Exciting fighting

Challenges that the manufacturer prepares for you and every one designed with each mission and monster separately. Each level will have three waves for you to fight and defeat the enemies. Each wave will be prepared with enemies and their defense system; you need to defeat all enemies and defense systems in each wave to complete the level. Notice that at the end of each level a BOSS will appear for you to destroy. Successful completion of each level and the elimination of BOSS help you to receive many gifts and experience points. Each completed wave will help you accumulate a star, fight violently and collect all three stars in each level.

action heroes apocalypse 5

Collect and upgrade characters

With a team battle mission, you need to collect many different characters to create a strong fighting squad. There are dozens of characters with unique weapons waiting for you to use. Each character will be unlocked when you complete the levels and accumulate the required items to unlock.

Action Heroes: Apocalypse for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Each character possesses a special combat skill to use. With these skills, you can quickly overcome waves and destroy the BOSS at the end of each level. Note, these skills need to accumulate enough energy to use. So you should not use it in an unscientific way. Without proper calculations before use, you will encounter many disadvantages before dangerous BOSS.

action heroes apocalypse 1

Many challenges to explore

Action Heroes: Apocalypse for iOS is built with four attractive game modes to serve your entertainment needs. Four game modes will bring your images and combat missions. These four modes are Campain, PvP Raids, Misson Night Ops and Away Missions. In it, Campain and Misson Night Ops will provide you with a unique storyline and hiding challenges. Discover PvP Raids; you have the opportunity to fight online and participate in the competition on the rankings of the game. Finally, Away Missions mode helps you train and gain more experience points to upgrade characters.

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Action Heroes: Apocalypse with lots of lovely images and addictive gameplay will give you exciting time to relax. Unique game modes and attractive character system will give you more fun experience.