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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 52 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/04/2018

A3 Driving Simulator is a very realistic driving simulation game from AG games developer. Players will be in control of a car in the game and join the roads in the city, with the most realistic and lively feel, the game will give players the best experience. . Let’s learn about the A3 Driving Simulator.

a3 driving simulator 15

Drive your way.

In the game A3 Driving Simulator for Android, you will be driving a car, your task is to control this car moving according to his direction, moving on different roads in the city and enjoy the feeling of driving is like real life. The map of the game is very large; players can go anywhere they want to explore and experience this mysterious map. Also, the game has a lot of different maps for players to choose, each map will be the different design and bring a lot of new experiences for players.

a3 driving simulator 14

The control system of the game is very well designed and easy to use, you control the direction of the car with the virtual key of the steering wheel in the lower left corner of the screen, you control the speed of the car with two virtual keys below the right corner of the screen.

a3 driving simulator 13

Audi A3 Driving Simulator Android Gameplay 2018

The game also has a lot of virtual keys that function like a car in real life, players will be driving a car with all the same features as in real life. Also, the game has many different modes such as Drift, Racing … for players to explore and play their way.

a3 driving simulator 2

Design your car in style.

The game features custom colour and design of the car; the player can customize the colour of the car in his style or adjust the car tail, wheel, car door … like a car, they can imagine. This is great; players will not feel bored when there is only one car they can play.

Sounds honest.

A3 Driving Simulator APK Download owns a very realistic 3D graphics design. The car and the environment are designed to be very sharp and realistic, the rules of physics are applied in the most accurate way in the game to give players the most honest experience. The sound of the game simulates the very good sound and moving effects of the car.

a3 driving simulator 1

You can download the game here.

You are a car enthusiast, and you want to drive a real car, A3 Driving Simulator will be a perfect choice for you, with the most realistic simulation you will experience the same feeling like driving a real car. You can download the game using the link below the article.