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  • Date Updated: 05/04/2018

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. What do you think of the word “basketball”? Many people will probably think of flying balls as well with many high athletes. Have you ever tried playing basketball on your cell phone? I believe it will be one of the most exciting new experiences. Download 3on3 Freestyle Basketball now to discover what’s new in basketball just to appear on your phone. Now you can play basketball anywhere, anytime. Let’s explore some interesting things in the game.

3on3 freestyle basketball

New gameplay

3on3 Freestyle Basketball Mod Money allows you to easily control the ball. All your movements are very smooth and easy. You will feel like you are playing a real basketball game. The indispensable elements of a basketball game are the referees, the enthusiastic supporters, the timing of the game, the scoreboard … are all well-designed in the game. It will give you the most detailed view of the game. You can easily grasp the tactics, suitable timing to replace people, … You can show all your basketball skills in the game and prove to other players that you are the best. The game offers you many famous athletes. You can gather these people and set up a team. You need to try to train and improve the skills of the athletes in the team. This greatly influences the outcome of the game. Also, it also creates a lot of great skills that impress other people.

3on3 freestyle basketball mod

Graphics and attractive features

3on3 FreeStyle Basketball Mod Unlocked brings you a huge basketball court. You can select a lot of areas to play. The teams will fight with each other. The main colour in the game is orange, giving you a sense of friendliness and full of energy. This is also considered the main colour of the basketball.

Download 3on3 Freestyle Basketball APK MOD

The characters in the game are also designed in a variety of animated styles such as mischievous girl, hot boy, sexy elf … One point I like to do in the game is that the characters are designed strongly, in line with the style of the sport. The sound in the game is very exciting. It makes the atmosphere in the game bustling and much more fun. You can also watch other teams compete to learn their skills and tactics. You can use the money you earn to buy the costume for your team.

3on3 freestyle basketball apk file


3on3 FreeStyle Basketball for iOS is a great game for anyone who has a passion for basketball. You can create many attractive tactics in the game. Producer Uminton FreeStyle will constantly update more attractive features for the game. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!