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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

Download 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is a JRPG style game featuring a unique tactical element that has been announced. The collaboration of two well-known game companies in Japan, Pachinko Fujishoji and Kadokawa, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven promises to be an extremely attractive game and achieve great success in the mobile entertainment industry. Learn about 23/7 Twenty Three Seven.


23 7 twenty three seven apk

When it comes to games with the theme of time, players will not be too alienated with names such as Life is Strange and Chrono Trigger. The story of 23/7 Twenty Three Seven Mod APK takes place in the dark, when number 9 on the clock disappears, the time of day is reduced to 23 hours, people are not paying attention to the number 9 has disappeared. The player takes on the role of a student named Hikari, whose task is to discover and fight alongside mysterious people called the Clocker. Clockers are the ones who control time, they live in another world. Hikari has been kidnapped by the Clockers; he will soon understand why the number 9 has disappeared. The journey of restoring time and protecting the world of Hikari along with the Clockers begins.

23 7 twenty three seven

How to play and features

At the start of 23/7 Twenty Three Seven for iOS, you will be playing the character Hikari; your team consists of two other Clockers. The player’s task is to control the character and combine it with the Clocker, to defeat the monsters that steal time. After each battle, you will receive experience points and valuable items. Use experience points to level up and add character points. Use items to upgrade your character’s equipment and the Clocker to boost your party’s strength. When defeating the big boss, you will receive the Clocker cards, you use these cards to unlock the new Clocker with greater power. In the player’s lineup, there will be the main character of Hikari and 3 Clockers. You can use the help of the other 4 Clockers in the game.

23 7 twenty three seven mod

23/7 Twenty Three Seven Mod APK+DATA

23/7 Twenty Three Seven for Android has a star system; this is a system that displays the strength of the characters in the game. The more stars there are, the stronger the character. Try to collect the Clocker cards to unlock the bigger and stronger Star Clockers. Character system in 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is very diverse, each character has his skills and takes on different roles in the team. Players can freely customize the characters in their squad to create their tactical style.

23 7 twenty three seven free

The character control in the game is very simple, you just touch and swipe to use skills and attack the enemy. The display interface is well designed and easy to see. Players will not take much time to learn how to play. Because, the game has a support system, instructions on how to control and fight the characters.

Graphics and sound

23/7 Twenty Three Seven Mod APK own eye-catching 2D graphic design. Anime style games, characters, and monsters in the game are very detailed, the character’s skill effects are beautifully described. Because the 23/7 graphics system Twenty Three Seven is drawn by top Japanese artists. The sound in the game is also very impressive, the expressions of the characters are shown very honest by the famous seiyuu like Uchida Yuuma, Uchida Maaya … The sound of the skills in the game is Express very well.


You are a fan of fictional Anime movies, you will not miss 23/7 Twenty Three Seven, with a simple way of playing, exciting storyline, graphics and sound systems are huge investments. 23/7 Twenty Three Seven will bring you the best and most fun. You can download 23/7 Twenty Three Seven using the link below the article.