• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/05/2018

If you are looking for a game to relax after work or study stress, 2048 BEAT is the best suggestion for you. Joining the game, players simply touch a finger on the screen and perform moving actions to align the same characters in a row and create a new character. This is another simple game, but it is not easy to overcome if you are subjective. After its launch, 2048 BEAT APK has received a lot of support from players all over the world. The game was produced by a famous publisher called WENEE, launched on May 22, 2018, and sold on the Google Play store. If you are interested in this game, please find out more in our article below.

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2048 BEAT – A highly relaxing game

Join the game, your device screen will appear in a table containing the animals. Use your finger to swipe on the screen to pair the same animals and create a new animal. Music effects will continuously emerge after each move. The longer you play, the more you multiply, the more animals you will encounter and the more fun sounding.

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Download 2048 beat for Android – Gameplay

The game is really suitable for players who are in need of relaxation. Possesses simple gameplay but the game is showing that this is the best entertainment for everyone. This is demonstrated through installs and reviews that appeal to players all over the world.

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Main features of the game

– The game is suitable for everyone
– Join the same animals to create a new character
– Simple control with one finger
– Can participate in the game at any time
– Achieve high scores and challenge friends
– Enjoy compelling music

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Graphics and sound

2048 BEAT APK Download is a simple game that owns the graphic design is not too complicated. Pictures use different coloured bars along with lots of lovely animals appearing in front of your screen. Besides, the sound system is vibrant, giving the player the best experience.

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Overall, the 2048 BEAT for Android is a great fit for players who are looking for relaxation. Join the game and match as many characters to create new animals. In addition, players can enjoy live music through each accurate transcription. Currently, games are supported on devices with Android operating systems. For easy installation, please click on the link below. Wish you have fun hours.