Can you imagine how the world would be in 2047? If you have not, let play the 2047 Covenant. The game will give you the freshest perspective on the future of the earth. The game was developed by a producer from China. You will be engaged in battles to fight against the evil forces to bring peace to the world. The characters in the game are designed in a cute Chibi style. Besides the evil monsters, you also face the very aggressive dragons. You have to try your best to win and get the rewards.

2047 Covenant APK Mod God Mode/One Hit

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The gameplay

Download 2047 Covenant APK is set in the future 2047. You will play as a cute Chibi character. You can customise your character ‘s appearance as you want such as hair colour, eye colour, wings, costume, …There are many options for your character.

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Each match, you have to defeat a lot of different monsters to win. You need to know how to use your skills to attack and kill them. You will receive rewards that correspond to each type of monster you destroy. You need to focus on building your character’s strength, so you need to participate in various battles to find rare items for your character.

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The game is equipped with a variety of equipment so that you can find them. Besides, you can summon a mysterious power source from the skeletons, beasts to help you in difficult battles. Also, by regularly logging in every day, you also receive many useful rewards by the NPC.

Download 2047 Covenant APK God Mode/One Hit latest for Android

2047 Covenant Mod God Mode brings you a tactical mode. The game requires you to have specific tactics and tactical responses before each battle to win. You have to face many other players all over the world to prove who is the best.

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2047 Covenant Mod One Hit brings you a new look at role-playing games. You will find the game has adorable Chibi style characters. Besides, the battle in the game is also designed in 2.5D and 3D. This is a fascinating point because you can adjust the graphics in the game depending on the configuration of your device.

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General comment

2047 Covenant for iOS is an RPG that you should not miss at the beginning of this 2018. Surely, you will have a good time when playing with your friends. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Wish you a happy day!