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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 91 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/03/2019

1945 Classic Arcade – A completely new classic shooting game version. It was developed based on the classic shooting game series of the 90s of last century with versions like 1942, 1944 and 19xx. To serve the entertainment needs of many players in the present time. ONESOFT producer has made many breakthrough changes to create many challenges and interesting experiences for you. This version has been upgraded with better image quality. Besides, it is well prepared with many interesting game modes for you to experience.

1945 classic arcade 2

Background familiar and attractive

1945 Classic Arcade for iOS continues to be built in the context of World War 2 with many fascinating missions. Players will control different types of fighters to perform the task. You must fight alone and confront a large enemy force. Also, the game is also appreciated with powerful weapons systems that bring many exciting battles to experience.

1945 classic arcade 3

Various types of powerful fighters

When participating in the battle, you have the opportunity to experience six different types of fighters. Each aircraft has its advantages and disadvantages when used. Therefore, players need to clearly understand the characteristics of the aircraft in use to be able to best fight. The aircraft in the game are developed based on the famous and unique fighter aircraft from World War 2 to the present time. Fight continuously to discover a variety of powerful fighters and create many outstanding achievements.

1942 Classic Arcade – Become the best US pilot


Players must participate in many different combat missions around the world. Each mission will take you to a different location. You will face a lot of enemies, and they will attack you constantly. Please do touch and hold on the device’s screen to control the aircraft and avoid enemy attacks. Your plane will automatically use weapons, so you only need smart control to destroy all enemies. At the end of each mission, the BOSS will appear, and you must destroy it to complete the mission.

1945 classic arcade 4

On the way, the enemy will appear continuously. You need to destroy them quickly and ensure safety for the aircraft. After successfully destroying the enemy, a lot of gold coins will appear on the map. You need to move skillfully to collect gold coins and avoid attacks from other enemies. These gold coins will be used to upgrade weapons and unlock new types of aircraft. Accumulate many gold coins and use them scientifically to own the best weapons.

Attractive game mode

Although developed on the classic shooting game, 1945 Classic Arcade APK Mod brings a lot of exciting game modes. The first mode is one player, you will join the fight and complete the mission alone. Complete the mission, all achievements and bonuses will be calculated for you. The next mode is two players; you have the opportunity to perform tasks with friends. Multiplayer, this is the global mode, and you will be randomly arranged to perform tasks with many players around the world.

1945 classic arcade 1

Breakthrough graphics

1945 Classic Arcade uses a better image system than older versions with more carefully prepared designs. The effect of weapons in the game gives you more attractive images and creates more exciting experiences. The locations where the tasks are being implemented are diversified, creating new challenges and not boring. These types of fighters are uniquely designed with many different shapes, helping players enjoy many exciting battles.