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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 35 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/02/2019

Gram Games Limited is a famous producer with unique and easy-to-understand products. They received many positive reviews with gentle products but still brought many interesting experiences for everyone. Their products are not so complicated, and players can easily experience it anywhere. Some outstanding games include: Merge Gems !, Merge Dragons! Or Six!. And recently they released a completely new puzzle game called 1010! Color. In this new challenge, you have the opportunity to experience interesting colour arrangements to create high scores.

1010 color 2

Interesting colour challenge

1010! Color for iOS was created with the aim of challenging people’s ability to sort and think. You have the task of arranging square shapes of different shapes and colours. The task of the game is very simple when you know how to arrange a good science and thinking. If you do not observe and streamline, the challenge will become complicated, and you will easily lose.

1010 color 3

When entering the game, the player receives many different squares and a board with many different squares to arrange. You must arrange different colourful squares according to 3 consecutive squares to receive bonus points. You are free to arrange according to your judgment to create a high score. Attention, carefully observes the positions arranged to avoid duplication and irrational.

Easy control

This game is quite simple, its control system is also very simple, and you can experience the game with one hand. Touch the square shapes and move them to many different positions on a grid that the game provides. With this easy-to-use control system, you can both move and experience the game simply.

1010 color 4

Create many high scores

You experience continuously to create your outstanding achievements; square blocks will appear continuously for you to make arrangements. The intelligent arrangement helps you get high scores, and the number of squares will disappear on the map. In contrast, unreasonable arrangements will cause you to get low scores, and the map will appear more squares. Failure to make the squares disappear on the map causes you to play again from the beginning.

1010! Color – Colorful Block Puzzle Game

Simple image

When you experience 1010! Color APK Mod, you will feel like you are experiencing a classic puzzle game. Images in the game do not have many highlights because when designing, the manufacturer has aimed to be simple and gentle. The interesting point in the imaging system is the variety of colours. Although there is no outstanding image quality, with special gameplay, it will make players experience it continuously.

1010 color 5

You will love this game

With a modified classic puzzle style with lots of attractive details, 1010! Color is a unique relaxing game for everyone to experience in a short time. Simple and addictive gameplay brings the most fun challenges. Experience and share with friends to compete on who is the smartest arranger.