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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 70 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching, with an FA like me, it must be like every day. Now, How to Get a Girl in 33 Days Mod Coin is a game that brings me extremely interesting. This is a great game for young people looking for the other half. If you are single, How to Get a Girl in 33 Days for Android will be your other half. If you already have a lover, then you must play this game because it helps you understand more about the psychology of girls, moreover warm up love two people. Since its launch, How to Get a Girl in 33 Days has made millions of downloads around the world, supporting both iOS and Android platforms. When you play this game, do you always think that you can conquer the girls in this game?

How to Get a Girl in 33 Days v1.0.3 Apk Mod Coin for Android/iOS


While communicating with women, you feel less in love or feel less confident in front of the person you like? You do not have to think about that. How to Get a Girl in 33 Days for iOS will help you. Through the media, we know that young people in Japan are so busy studying and absorbed in their work. So it seems that male friends do not know how to conquer their dream girl. In response to that desire, Day7’s publisher decided to bring them the 33 Days’ How to Get a Girl game. The game helps men in Japan in general and in the whole world in particular to understand the psychology of women.


Step into the Game to Get a Girl in 33 Days; you will be playing a handsome new guy transferring to a full-fledged girl school. Your main job selected 1 out of 4 her dreams:


  • Mia Lynwood: 17-year-old girl 1m high 60. This is her classmates with the main character in the game. This smart guy has helped a lot in getting along.
  • Crystal Frost: she is 17 years old, height 1m63. Indeed, that height has turned her into a school girl with hundreds of dead men tired. Not only the outstanding study but also the beauty of the height of the highlight makes the guy keep an eye on her.
  • Hailey Jewells: A 17-year-old girl near your home. She is cold and hard personality, but according to the protagonist in the game, this is she has a warm heart.
  • Lucy Appleville: She studied under you a lock, this is your childhood friend.

Download How to Get a Girl in 33 Days will bring you the conversation with these four girls. Selecting the dialogue also speaks to your girlfriend. Conversations make her feel good about you by choosing one of the three answers to the game. How to Get a Girl in 33 Days If you make a girl happy, you will accumulate some money. Many times this game will be enough money to invite your dream girl to go out. The game will provide some ideal locations for dating such as Buffet Dessert, Pet Cafe, … Hopefully, the game publisher will update some features to avoid boring players.

How to Get a Girl in 33 Days Gameplay – Android/iOS



How to Get a Girl in 33 Days is designed based on beautiful 2D graphics with characters beautiful Japanese anime. The girls are cute voice, how to make How to Get a Girl in 33 days to help you learn English very well. This is a fun game, and it helps you learn while playing.


If you want to learn how to flirt with girls, you can not miss the 33 Days of the Game, which is the game you are looking for. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms, making it easier for you to download games.