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Over the years, YouTube has been a must-have video app for mobile devices released by Google LLC. With the rapid modernization of today’s mobile devices, this software has been continually updated and brings the latest features to users. These features are great and most of the users are satisfied.

YouTube mod 4

Currently, there are some features that users will be relatively uncomfortable with, which is the automatic display of Google ads. This is one of the profitable services for Google on a free software, you can sympathize with the developer. But other users may find it uncomfortable to pause a song or video they like. So, we will bring you a whole new Youtube software.

YouTube mod 1

With this software, users can use all the features of the original software. Moreover, you will eliminate the nuisance that you encounter when using this software. Let’s get to know about YouTube software.

A good and reputable software

Once you have installed the software on your device, you may have noticed that the software has been modified with some other functionality than the original version. You can change the theme of the software to dark; this will make most users feel excited. You may be bored with the bright theme design in the original version. Want to change to create a new experience, this software will help you do that.

YouTube mod 2

In addition, this software will have the necessary features of the original version. Users will get the experience quite similar to the original version. You can take familiar actions to choose and change your video. Other features such as video list, description, display quality … are the same design as the original.

YouTube mod 3

YouTube Mod Remove ADS has an extremely useful and unique function for those who hate ads. This is the ad blocking feature of this software, you can freely and comfortably experience your favourite videos without having to worry about being annoyed by ads. This is a very bright feature that this software brings, it will greatly improve the user experience compared to the original version.

YouTube mod apk Adblock, dark mode and More NO ROOT

More specifically, you can install this software directly into your device without having to remove the original software. You can enjoy both of these experiences for the best experience.


If you’re looking to remove ads from your favourite songs or online videos, Mod Remove ADS is a perfect choice for you. With functions similar to the original version, the software has many new functions to satisfy the needs of users. You will have the best experience using this software. If you like this software, then you can download it using the link at the bottom of the article.