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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: $2.99
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  • Date Updated: 23/01/2018

iPhone X is a very hot phone on the Apple market. With success from previous generations such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus … then iPhone X is following the success of Apple and creating a new trend of mobile phones in 2018. However, the price Of the iPhone X is very high; not everyone can own this high-end phone. Fortunately, the Color Theme Store has developed an application called X Launcher Prime aimed at users of the Android operating system. This application allows your Android phone can change the interface is no different than a high-end X iPhone, making your Android phone more beautiful and novel. With the utility “X Launcher Prime brought, it quickly received positive reviews from users. The new release has not been long, but X Launcher Prime for Android has had 50,000 downloads and lots of reviews on Google PLay.

x launcher prime

X Launcher Prime is fun

With other apps that change the look and feel, they will slow down your phone and display a lot of ads. However, X Launcher Prime brings a great experience for users, your Android phone will be very smooth and work well, and you do not encounter annoying ads.

x launcher prime apk

X Launcher Prime also offers many other attractive features, the control centre of the Android operating system will look like an iPhone running iOS 11. All functions and display are normal operations, there is no problem for you to worry about. Also, X Launcher Prime offers very useful extensions such as weather view, and you can swipe left to see this app.

x launcher prime free

Another very interesting feature found in the iOS 11 operating system that I like is functionality: recent access applications. You can open apps through the menu, which will have your recent suggested apps. This is a very useful function that Apple has put up on iOS 11, you can experience it through X Launcher Prime.

x launcher prime mod

This is an application that helps you change the look of the best Android phone on the market today. All transition effects, icon settings are optimized very well, like you own a real iPhone X. X Launcher Prime Apk has many different wallpapers and themes for you to choose and experience. Check out these cool things in the installer section of X Launcher Prime. X Launcher Prime is not just about changing the look of the interface, but the publisher of the “Color Theme Store” is developing many more new features. According to the information that ApkCake.Com received, the application Launcher Prime X is being developed to add notification functions like the iOS 11. In particular, there is also a very interesting facial recognition. Update this app regularly to experience new features.

X launcher, Transformed your Android Smartphone into an iPhone X


Overall, X Launcher Prime is an application that changes the look of the Android operating system is highly appreciated at present. Refresh your Android phone, make it more special and beautiful. Currently, X Launcher Prime is being released on the Google Play store for $ 2.99. With the features it offers, this is a very reasonable price for you to experience this application. You can download and install under the link below.