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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: $1.45
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/02/2018

In February of 2018, Rangeen Studio released the newest icon set, the Vlyaricons Icon Pack Apk Mod. This icon set is the weirdest and unique Rangeen. It not only has new colours but also the style is very similar to the icon of Firefox. If you are still worried about the quality of the Vlyaricons Icon Pack when this icon set is only $ 1, let learn more about Vlyaricons Icon Pack offline!

Vlyaricons Icon Pack Apk for Android

vlyaricons icon pack

Due to the growing demand for icon packets for Android, many publishers have come up with a variety of models, so there is certainly no coincidence. The spiral-shaped design is quite similar to the icon of Firefox, but it brings a new and unique feel for the users. Download Vlyaricons Icon Pack is the good choice for those who want to change the look of the phone screen.

vlyaricons icon pack apk mod

Like most other icon packages, Vlyaricons Icon Pack Apk requires launcher support to boot. Currently, the application supports up to 90% of available launchers on the game market today. Unfortunately, Go Launcher is not one of them; exactly the game is not compatible with Go Launcher. But do not worry if you’re using Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, M Launcher … or some of Samsung’s original launchers, they can launch Vlyaricons Icon Pack more smoothly and stably.

vlyaricons icon pack free

Vlyaricons Icon Pack has the lightweight, but inside is about 3,000 different icons with a lot of genres, models for you to choose freely. Moreover, the manufacturer promises to constantly launch updates to add more new features and more attractive that make users no longer bored. Features of the application support images with the highest quality, sharp but still retain the friendly, simple points. Users can freely choose their wallpaper that is suitable for their personality, emotions, mood, … There are also other useful features such as calendar, weather, … easy to help users. Easily distribute, set up appropriate work plan.

Download Vlyaricons Icon Pack APK (Paid)

Now, how do you feel with just $ 1, you can now own the Vlyaricons Icon Pack that is being offered on Google Play. Even the application will be free if you download our original APK file. Please note that the application will not be updated automatically, you must regularly visit our website to receive the latest version with new attractive features, promising to make you comfortable, convenient that you have never seen in any collection of Symbols. Download the Vlyaricons Icon Pack and enjoy the new look!